Columbus, Georgia

My kids were held in walmart garden center due to a customer complaint where the police was called. The complaint was not for walmart to solve.

They were held by an assisstant manager at the walmart on Buena Vista Rd. The customer believed that my three kids stole his bikes.

When i finally arrived at walmart I had to show the manager my receipt. the assisstant manager was in the wrong place trying to solve this customer's problem.the customer should have called the police himself to solve the problem.The assisstant manager should not have gotten involved in this predictament

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Chandi, you have a valid point, but I think she is more concerned about the children being held in the garden centre to wait for the police. They should have called her before taking any action.

The children must have been scared. Imagine being nine years old or so and having this lunitic accusing you of stealing his bikes. I have a feeling that the man was either crazy thinking the bikes were his or trying to scare three innocent children into giving away the bikes their mother purchased. If they called the mother she could have shown them the receipt and it would have been done and over with.

As for the OP, if your kids did steal the bikes from the customer than they have every right to call the police since the "crime" was commited on their property. However like I said before they went to the police they should have paged you first.

Even if they did steal the bikes you could have had a talk with them. Depending on where you live the police can't question a minor without their parent present.


And, if Walmart had done nothing, the customer with the complaint about them would be the one here making a complaint.

At least your kids didn't do it, and you were able to prove that without anyone getting hurt.


Call 1800walmart. Those complaints go to the store manager's boss and are worked within a couple days.