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To whom it may concern,

I thought we lived in a free society but as it turns out we are hostages of Walmart. Case in point is this. My wife and I have a non-contract cell telephone account on the Family Plan with Walmart. We decided on 7-1-2014 we would cancel that plan and take a plan with T-Mobil. After deciding on the plan we wanted with T-Mobile we purchased new cell phones and T-Mobil tried to switch our service from Walmart to T-Mobile. It was a disaster T-Mobile was not able to get Walmart to close out our non-contract service with Walmart. I contacted Walmart service plan by telephone on 7/5/2014 and was told I had to go to Walmart with my driver’s license to cancel the service. My wife and I went to Walmart and were told that that information was a lie that they Walmart cannot cancel a cell phone service. The lady at Walmart got on the telephone and talked with a telephone rep from Walmart family plan by the name of Fizudl who after a long confrontation with the clerk agreed to cancel the service. After we left Walmart we were informed that the account was not cancelled. I then talked to a supervisor named Jorde who refused to shut off our cell phones until July 24, 2014. At that time we could ask again to have our cell telephones account to cease. I demanded to talk to his supervisor who asked me to give him two hours to look into the matter. Two hours came and went and he never returned the call. Walmart still has refused to stop our service on our no contract cell phone service. I explained to the supervisor that we need that service stopped so we can have our numbers transferred to our new telephones. All of our children live out of state and if they need to contact we are out of luck. I also informed him that Walmart is holding us hostage. We offered to pay a prorated rate for this month but they refused. I also offered to pay for the full month and they refused. I stated if someone goes into Walmart and steals something they go to jail. Walmart is stealing from me by continuing a service that I don’t want and expecting me to pay for that service. Walmart is illegally holding my wife and me as hostages by doing so. What ever happened to consumer protection.?????

We just celebrated the fourth of July 5, 2014 for the freedoms we have. Apparently Walmart decides who has freedom and who does not. We are being held against our will.

Charley Akester

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Protection Plan.

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Family mobile is through T-Mobile, Walmart only sells the product.