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Went into Walmart the other day and they didnt have a greeter! hit me up *** need a part time greeter, im an old retired lady but love people! 703-627-0617

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I think that they should have a pretty ladies in bikinis as store greeters. They also could set up a "kiss for charity" booth where you can pay a couple of dollars to kiss a pretty lady.


You must be referring to the recent news about Walmart getting rid of greeters. From what I have experienced there seems to be no good reason for them anyway, other than their propensity for demanding to see your receipt if something is not bagged in your cart. Best they get rid of these petty despots.


If you want a job at Walmart fill out an application at the store you want to work at. Going on-line on a complaint forum that has nothing to do with Walmart isn't going to get you a job there.

Putting your phone number out on the internet may get you a number of crank phone calls or even some who will pretend to take a job application over the phone to get enough of your personal information to used your identity to open credit accounts in your name. Be careful with the information you put on the internet.


NOBODY is going to call them up!


Good advice!