New Orleans, Louisiana

if i was stopped by a so called lost prevention(she looked like a normal civilian and i saw no walmart employees with her and she never said who she was) person but they never caught me with any merchandise or showed me any proof and the lady who claimed to be lost prevention put her hands on my child's stroller jerking her around and i've left the store are they allowed to press charges and put me in jail and charge me??????

Waveland Wal-Mart in Mississippi.

Keep in mind I have no criminal record and they never showed proof or caught me with ANY merchandise in hand or anywhere else. Plus this *** put her hands on my barely 2 year olds stroller jerking her around and scaring her so in my defense I made a scene got scared and defensive over my child and left. Then I'm walking past another store and a cop stopped and asked me and my bf if we were the trio that "ran" from lost prevention so we gave our info and he said well if it is you Wal-Mart will or will not press charges and if they do we will put a warrant out for your arrest.

Who is in the wrong here???

I had 1000 bond at 176 bail. I did 4 to 5 days just based on a warrant and NO PROOF!! Plus the lady had NO right to jerk my daughter around like that!!!

Help me get the answers!! I don't know how all this works and ive NEVER been in trouble with the law and I'm only 23 years old.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Why did you chose to implicate the two year old daughter in your crime? Poor parenting and people like you chose not to give their children a chance in life.

I would think involving your daughter in your crime warrants child abuse. Have you no shame?


You claim they never showed you PROOF of you stealing but you do not dispute the charge. Proof has to be submitted in order for a warrant to be issued.

It’s shown to a JUDGE and the JUDGE determines if a warrant is needed. So if they proved to a JUDGE that you did indeed steal they did so with VIDEO EVIDENCE! They can’t just go into court and lie for a warrant. That would get them sued.

The only reason they would have put their hands on The stroller is because you used the stroller to steal. No where in your post do you refute the charges against you. You instead question the legality of it instead of defending yourself. This leads anyone who reads your post to see you as a thief because you do not protect your supposed innocence.

Yes it’s legal. They showed proof to a judge that you did steal and a warrant was issued. We get it, you’re a thief that got caught.

Evidence fed completely by your own words. Get over it and don’t steal.


Excuse me in not a thief period so you can go *** telling me to get over it. You can get the *** this comment if you automatically going to say I'm guilty until proven innocent.

You can take your bill shot and shove it where the sun don't shine. You OBVIOUSLY have a personal issue


No I was thinking the same thing as I was reading. No where do you say that you are innocent.

Besides this is not a place to get legal advice. Quite literally just a website to ***


Get To to a civil rights attorney.Not only did Wal-Mart violate your rights but if you were arrested without cause the police did too. And people do not think this can not happen to you....It happens every day.

Many innocent are arrested every day. And to the person who says no lawyer would even take this case.......There have been many people who have fought stuff like this and have won and have gotten thousands of dollars in judgements and settlements.

Your rights are important do notever take them for granted.You tube and Google can show you this. Power to the people.


This is a total lie and you know it!


This is what lawyers are for. Get a free consult with one to see what can be done.


No lawyer will be interested. Waste of their time.


You could get a lawyer from the legal aid society to help you.