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Walmart can not keep worker in their Bakery in Fay NC, on Skibo Rd. How many complaints does it takes for walmart Manager to understand that Ms Brown the head Cake Lady is the reason for these people leaving.

How many people have been hired in that shop in the last year. I am one, who have made complaints along with others. I left the Bakery but, still work in the Walmart system. This woman mistreats and verbal abuses the people she trains unless, they cater to whatever she said.

Myself and others will keep filing these complaint until WALMART listen and terminates Ms Brown .

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cake.

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Business lady could also mean p r o s t i t u t e.


Business lady could also mean p r o s t i t u t e.


Well "business lady" could also mean ***.


Business lady Susan shut up really


How now that they have been caught they don't reply anymore.


I'm speaking for Walmart skibo rd bakery if u come n wit attitudewe give u wat u give us an furthermore stop blaming head cake decorator wen u can't do ur *** job an check this she still there an not going no were so keep talking ya *** an if u a business ownerdo ur own *** cakes.....


Further more I hope someone if you are married that your spouse dies, I hope that if you have children they are kidnapped. I hope everyone you love dies.

You are just jealous because I have my own business. I found another job after that *** fired me, and I am doing better than her so nw she has something to be jealous of.


Nice try "actually" I have my own business and need bread items. I have witness this lady rudenss and bad attitude toward other customs while shopping in the bakery mostly early morning.

I will help get RID of this lady, but writing letters, e-mails,telephone calls once a week to WALMART HEADQUARTERS, and asking all my customers not to shop there. Check the stores month earning we will spend our money elsewhere. the store will missed our money.

162 people sofar sign my pledge not shop there, My goal is 1000 or more. Ms Brown got to Go, FIRED the ladyh>


to ACTUALLY check with the main office. These complaints comes from actual everyday customers.

I guess you are covering for her out of loyality. To many others complaints about Ms Brown's rudeness and attitude toward walmart customer. She need to be FIRED.

I never worked for walmart. I have had my run-in with her in the bakery and Complaints to her bosses on three difference days.


Also to those who accused me of being Jason, Nick and a few other posters you cant prove it because it aint true.


No I asked for a transfer and that *** was lying about me not wearing gloves ect. I only did not wear gloves once or twice.


We found out who posted this complaint and the person who posted this complaint was reprimended by Ms Brown because she herself was not doing a good job and practicing hygiene so she was moved elsewhere. Now she is making false accusations about her. This woman no longer works with us.


Update, the people that eat at my shop, sign a pledge not to shop at Walmart until business lady said the Head Cake Decorator Lady is FIRED. My count is 162 pledge.


I have friends that are business owner in the area. Find the contacts to Corporated Walmart and I will have them tell why they will not be shopping at walmart.

The store manager can't control one worker., who needs to be terminated. So Ms Brown the cake lady or Ms Sandra the store manager.


Since this SANDRA Manager person can seem to FIRED Ms Cake Lady i.e. Ms Brown lets try the big BOSSES.

Someone find the best way to contact WALMART CORPORATE OFFICE AND HEADQUARTERS.

E-MAIL,PHONE#, LETTERS and posted on this page. We will complaint as to why the store Manager (SANDRA) find it so hard to get rid of this lady with complaints on this site all the wayback to 15 January 2012, CAKE LADY FROM *** to HELP WANTED.


Another week and she is still there. The Head Cake Lady.

Everybody still shop anywhere else but at Walmart, Skibo Rd, Fay NC. The store manager name is SANDRA write,email and call walmart Main Headquarters and complaint about the manager not listen to the customers.




I now have well over one hundred peoples friends and business partners that will not shop at WALMART on Skibo Rd. As long as Ms Brown works in the bakery as head cake lady they will lose business. I am trying for two hundred peoples to boycott the store.


I want thank BEN, snd welcome him to our club since all his comments has nothing to do with the topic or problem at hand. Good, to have you in our society.


You work at walmart.... regardless of the cake lady your lives are meaningless. You are the lowest members of society and your comments confirm that fact.