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My wife and I went to walmart at about 10:30pm one night to get a cable for our computer. wasn't sure if they would have it, but that late at night was only option. Looked around the electronics department, and was not able to find it. There was a guy unloading boxes and stocking merchandise behind the counter of the electronics department. I asked he knew where printer cable were. His reponse- "I don't know, I have not worked back here for months"-

and that was it. He turned back and starting doing again what he was doing.

There was not any "let me help you look, let me call someone", nothing like that- wasn't his problem.

Went to front of store and there was a couple more flunkies there. I asked for the manager. "Well, I'm a manager, what can I help you with". I explained what happened, and then she started backtracking. "well, I'm not the manager in that department- i would have to call someone else." Another "associate" standing next to here said that sounds like "Mike" and they sort of shrugged it off.

Led me to conclude that there is no customer service at walmart whatsoever. By the way, this is the first time I had been in walmart in over 3 months- will be a lot longer time before i go back again.

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ps, walmart is a family friendly store, not a *** store. shop online dont shop at kmart either, no one needs to see you get a *** looking at them, and i don't want to have to worry about your husband moleting me or any other child my age.


the reason that they thought that your husband was looking at him in a sexy way was proably because he got a *** when he was looking at him, i would throw up if a man got a *** looking at me, maybe the box carier needed to throw up after seeing your husband got a *** looking at him.


Not the same Cathy that replied earlier.

I understand your complaint, and you have every right to complain, however how do they know that you and your husband are a *** couple? Just because two men shop together does not mean that they are automatically assumed ***. I think both you and your husband are reading too much into this discrimination thing.


are you and your husband f@ggots. If so than you got what you deserve.


I made it past third grade but the child writing this letter did not. Most adults are patient and do not interrupt other's when they are busy.

Most adults know better. The person writing this letter does not.

Maybe the third grader's husband was looking at someone in a sexual way. Maybe he is not interested in you.


so what's the big deal?? he didn't know where it was,LEAVE IT ALONE!!


I love it when people start crying that they are being "discriminated" against whenever someone doesn't pucker up and put a big smooch on their rear-end. I assume that *** stands for Really-Big-Dummy, or perhaps Fat-Lazy-Couple or whatever.

Quit claiming discrimination just because you happened to get the low paid night punks.

There's a reason they work nights - to put up with clueless folks like you. :cry


The entire problem is that Walmart went to *** in a handbasket when old man Walton died. He believed and taught "customer service".

Since his death you can definitely see customer service has flown out the window. If you can even find an associate, they won't assist you in any way. Half of them could care less if they lift a finger. Most of them won't even pick clothing up off the floor.

Some stores are worst than others. Also prices vary from one store to the next depending on where you are. Also, in the area I live we have problems with restocking.

If they have a product today, don't count on them carrying that same product next week. With the computer age figure that one out folks.


since when is a stockboy your personal man-servant? he doesnt know where anything is, told you so, and went about his job, unloading boxes from a loading dock.

You, on the other hand, cant find a cable on your own and your going to roam the internet?? LOL too funny...dont fall out of your chair and fall on your "wife"...


how is anyone supposed to know that you feel discriminated against if it doesn't say that in the original post???

if that is your complaint, then why isn't it in there?

sorry i am not a mind reader like you appear to be.

but the truth is still the same. you usually have to pay more to get better service, not less.


The point is we are being discriminated against because we are ***. That is why the electronics person does not want to help us, and the other manager does not either.


My husbnand and I are not children. We unlike you have passed grade three.

My husband is right and I agree with his letter. I have a feeling they did not want to help him because we are a *** marriage couple. Probably thought my husband was looking at him in a sexual way so passed and asked someone else to help us.

They were willing to help us until they found out we are ***. They did not say anything but I know it.


do you want low prices or good service?

usually you can't have both.

so if you want better service, you probably have to go someplace where you have to pay more.

that simple.

but usually those places are closed at night.

so if you want convenience, service, and a low price...well wait, you can't get all of those! getting two out of three, not bad.

or just go someplace and pay more to get better service and sacrifice on the other two.


Ok,Irish... did you even make it past the third grade?

I agree with "AHOBBYIST2". Wal-Mart does need to work on customer service. I think the first step would be to increase the starting pay for asscoiates and to be a little more picky with the people they hire to work there.

I will say that Wal-Mart must be doing something right, I save a LOT of money shopping there.


Are you really married or is this a pretend marriage. You complained because the stockboy did not call for someone which you think he should have done.

Then when they call for someone else(another employee) you complain about that.

I feel sorry for wife if you are really married. I think your marriage is a pretend marriage, you got "married" during third grade recess one day.