Siloam Springs, Arkansas
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i am not happy about wal mart in berryville ar, because all their 5-11 specials. was hidden in differnt spots of the store.

i tried to get a tv and found out that i had to go to hardware and find the yhe boy with the tickets.

this is very unfair as i am disabled and it was hard to run over the whole store with 5 thousand people in there. from now on ill drive 30 miles to shop at target rather than ever go back..i think this is very unfair to disable people and all this did was add to the kaos that there already exiits on this day.

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This could get a little long, but I want to let you all know what a scam that Wal-mart is pulling on the American Consumer. Okay...I put 2 Disney Infinity games in layaway.

A week later I found out that the games that cost 74.99 was going to be on sale on black Friday for 37.00. So, I went to Wal-mart and was told that if the item numbers were the same, I would get the sale price. But, the black Friday item may not be as good as quality as the ones I had put in layaway and that I would not know for sure untill I paid off my layaway if I got the sale price. It would come off automatically whenever I paid off the layaway.

So I told Wal-mart employee that I was going to go to black Friday and get 2 of them and then return the original ones I had put in layaway. They (2 of them) laughed and said that would for sure guarantee me the price. (WHAT? Items not the same??) So that is what I did on Black Friday.

I noticed later that I did not get the right ones. Guess you have Xbox, WII, PS4, and etc. Great! I got the wrong 2.

So, I went to Wal-Mart today to exchange them and was told that I had to pay the difference. Could not exchange. WHY? They were the same item.

I am beginning to think that this store is selling bad merchandise on Black Friday!!!! Or changing item numbers so they don't have to take them off of the layaways that don't have to be out untill the 15th or something like that. They said the ones that they still had was the 74.99 ones and that I had the 37.00 ones! THEY LOOKED EXACTLY THE SAME.

Same box, same characters, same everything!!!!! Different item number....SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!!!


Megan your an ***...the kind of practice described IS discrimination and is prosecutable. She made no comment about being privileged she stated the playing field should be leveled.

There is NOTHING JUST about being disabled. Walmart & are to entirely seperate companys!!!

They don't stock the same products, have the same prices, nor honor price matching!! get some brains b4 you run your mouth next time.


Please, Please everyone file a complaint with consumer protection in your state.

What we all need to do is file a complaint with consumer protection in the state we live.

I already did in Wisconsin. They had 10 laptops at the Plymouth Wi Walmart store. They are baiting people in hopes of pulling off the switch where you by a more expensive one rather than leave the store without. If all they ever had was ten in stock it is proof they never had any intention of having a ample supply on hand.

All big ticket items at walmart were only 10 on hand. That is fraud. Please complain as I did to consumer protection in the state you live. Stood in line for over an hour and they were all gone in 20 seconds.

Handed to one customer at a time. All 10 I was number 13 in line.

We can bring them down. I have used consumer protection before and it does work if we can get a few dozen complaints.


That is why they offer sales online as well! You are not privileged just disabled and you shouldn't be given specail treatment as far as sales go just because of that!

stop trying to milk it! Collect your check and shut UP!


We went into our walmart store at 4:15 evpecting to wait by the item intil 5 and boy did we have a shock. ALL of the products were gone.

Lines all the way into the clothing dept. When we asked what happened to 5 they just told us that they could not control the crowd.