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He was in the store again. Not the same store another store. He also apparently works at Target as well.

Original review posted by user Dec 18, 2014

Just to let you guys know that I was shopping in your store and I noticed a worker who was not wearing the regular uniforms your employees were. Instead he was wearing a red suit and red hat.

He is overweight and has a white beard. Well I would suggest that you do a criminal background check before hiring people because this man has history or breaking into people's houses by climbing down the chimney. He steals things and puts them in a large red bag(he must really love the colour red) and *** on a sleigh. (I would think that with all the houses he breaks into he would steal a car or at least sell the items to buy a car.

I notice he is also offering children candy canes. There is something suspicious about an old man offering children candy and we are always taught never to accept candy from strangers. Last year on December 24th he broke into several houses, and all the houses he broke into he came down the chimney. He says his name is Chris Kringle, but I very much doubt this because last year he went by the name Saint Nicholas.

The fact that he goes under several alias is even more suspicious. Please run a police background check before hiring people and please check your electronics, if you notice anything missing, IPads, television sets ect most likely he(whatever his real name is) is to be blamed.

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Yeah Zack sent me a message that he was needs approval before posting on this site. I see the same thing happened to you.

Triplet may remember upsetatdennys. He wrote a complaint about Denny's and was impersonated by KevinRichards. At first they claimed Kevin Richards has the right to call people retarded with the freedom of speech thing. That he has a right to make racial slurs, hom0phobic slurs.

I have a feeling that part of the reason these things are allowed is because the administrators of this site are hom0pobic themselves. They consider calling someone gai(y) an insult so they filter the word ga(y). They consider the word hom0sexual an insult so they filter the word hom0sexual. Denny was told that Kevin Richards was protected by freedom of speech.

Another poster on this site got the same message as you because he kept exposing Kevin for his multiple accounts. Every time someone tells everyone that Kevin Richards is posing as the OP their posts are deleted. Anyways instead of blabbering. Let me tell you what happened to Denny's.

Denny's was impersonated by Kevin. He made a complaint about Denny's. Kevin pretended to be him and claimed he beat his daughter because he was upset at Denny's. Upset at Denny's complained about this and was told that Kevin was using freedom of speech.

THen when he pointed out that this was impersonation not freedom of speech they deleted the posts and denied that the impersonating posts existed. When he told them he had screenshots they told him he was banned for breaking the rules, simply for standing up to this site and how is is poorly ran. The thing is James from Idaho is correct and people on this site are not breaking any laws. They have a right to ban for any silly reason.

Now if you paid money to use this site and they banned you for no reason you can take them to court and get your money back.

Kevin Richards accused me of being a *** because I contacted Fine Young Aiden who is 11. I am a teen myself, but I don't find that offensive since he basically accuses everyone of the same thing when they tell him off yet his posts are not deleted


I know who you are talking about. He also goes under the name Father Christmas.


His Reindeer left a little "surprise" on my doorstep. It was not pleasant, it was brown, sticky and smelly.


Not to mention his reindeer. Apparently they run people over.

I saw him in Walmart and a bunch of women were setting on his lap. I do not appreciate this behavior. What I saw cannot be unseen. I do agree that we were taught to not accept candy from strangers.

We were also taught to not set on a strangers lap and talk to them.

If he offers you a sleigh ride, do not accept!!! Same with going outside to pet the reindeer.


The reindeer probably have reindeer. But seriously there is another time when kids take candy from strangers, it`s called Halloween.


Lol, i think you meant rabies. But good point about Halloween.


I have been seeing another criminal these last few weeks at Walmart. Except he is a giant rabbit and he is giving kids stuff from a basket.

He was caught breaking into people's homes last night...except he came through *** he dug through the ground instead of the chimney.

BTW I don't think they will ever catch that fairy who has been breaking into people's homes for years and stealing their children's lost teeth and only leaving a measly dime in compensation. What a crook.


Here it is £1. Which is probably about one dollar in US.


This made my day, thank you.


I am not immature. I am just calling people out for immature complaints.

People on this site mistake being told no as rudeness. How immature is that.

They cannot spell and use proper grammar that is why I come to the conclusion they are six.

First Born Triplet

Who are you replying to?

@First Born Triplet

The child that replied under anonymous from Iowa, apparently they cannot read. If they could they would know that i only call people six if they misspell simple words, have horrible grammar errors or act immaturely. If that retard knew how to read she would see this.


I is a pronoun, and therefore should begin with a capital letter. Does that sound familiar?

Yeah it does you bashed another poster for the same mistake. I am using your own words.


Yeah, I too had a problem with this man, here in the state of California. Only he works at Toys are US.

He started calling my girlfriend a *** then wishing her a Merry Christmas. I went to speak to the manager because I don't think he first of all be calling my girlfriend a ***, and second this is a children's store and that he should not be using such language anyway. The manager defended the employee and said that is how he greets all the customers, man, woman, boy or girl.

I told him it was disrespectful and the manager helped the next customer. My girlfriend was in tears because he called her a ***.


For all those that don't know *** refers to h-o-e, this guy is very perverted from what I read giving candy to children he does not know calling women h-o-e-s. He has a very bad attitude and it needs to change before someone waits for him after work and kicks his but.

No one likes being called a h-o-e and the manager defends him and says he is like this to all the customers.

I too told about my concerns about him handing out candy to children and he said the man is just trying to be friendly and I am harassing him. He is the one harassing my girlfriend by calling her a h=o-e, he left her in tears and the manager did nothing about it.


I saw this same guy too. he followed me into the bafroom and handcuffed me to the stall and gave me a BJ. Paid him a 20 and left happy.

@prison booty

Bet Mrs. Claus must be pissed off.

Heard he is married you know. Also heard Mrs Claus is humping the midget and other midgets so his cheating is okay.


Really! Thought this site was for REAL complaints? What a bunch of BS


Get over it most of these complaints are BS anyway, only they are disguised as real complaints because customer think that they should be allowed to bypass the 90 return day policy, or the no return store credit policy, the worst is those who play the race card(blacks mainly) if the company treats them equally and does not give them preferred treatment. Their small pin sized brains don't realize this preferred treatment is too a sort of racist treatment, only in their favor so they don't give a ***.


This is a real complaint, if you did not read the news there is a man wanted in Canada for the exact same thing that triplet described. Robbing people's houses by climbing down the chimney.

He also has a habit of stealing cookies and milk left on the table because the child did not have their before bedtime snack.

He accidentally drops things on the way toys which he never comes back for. Also he asks boys and girls if they have been good, which along with the candy giving makes me feel sick to my stomach.