Mount Laurel, New Jersey

I am writing this letter out of concern and disappointment fregarding an incident that occurred at Walmart Location #1263 on Friday. I am a professional single working mom who has had 3 surgeries with ankle transplant on my left foot, and recently diagnosed with a cyst on my right ankle. I am currently on crutches and was parked up front in a designated handicapped spot for which I have a placard for. I arrived at the store on the fore-mentioned date at 6pm, and shopped till around 9pm with my 10 year old daughter along. I purchased over $200 worth of weekly groceries and frozen foods, which included many perishables, and headed out to my vehicle parked in row 7.

Upon getting to my vehicle, I discovered my left front bumper was smashed in and no insurance information or contact name was left. I immediately went inside to report it and asked to speak with a manager. A long red-haired manager by the name of Jamie was sent out to talk to me at the customer service desk. She was very rude and unprofessional and abruptly told me to “go call the police.” My daughter and I were not offered to come inside the store at night, or to sit down to get off my crutches while I waited, and when I expressed concern over my perishable items, Jamie rudely asked me what I “expected her to do about it.” What I expected was routine customer courtesy and for my purchase to be kept cool after spending 3 hours gathering all the items. At first Jamie was not going to allow me to store my frozen items and perishables in the freezer, but finally agreed after we’d already been waiting nearly 20 mins. However, when we got the items back later, they were warm as if they had not been in the cooler. The ice cream was soupy and there were many other items that were ruined as well.

On top of the horrible experience with management, I was told by Evansville Police detectives that they were unable to find any suspect vehicle info on Walmart's survei#llance tapes for the hit and run because the video was too grainy and low quality to pull a vehicle plate. My deductible is $500 and the city detectives said they could not prosecute even if they wanted to.

What if this person was stalking me and my daughter and we had been hurt in your lot while waiting for the police to arrive? My 10 year old and I waited outside at night for an hour in the parking lot for the police to arrive and make a report. I am a loyal Walmart shopper and spend thousands of dollars in Walmart store each year. I know I did not deserve this treatment. After writing a complaint letter and sending it certified mail. I did not even receive so much as an apology. I am still driving around with a damaged vehicle. My intentions are to forward a copy of this letter to your home office in Bentonville Arkansas and file a report here.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Walmart had nothing to do with this, ever see the signs that say "park at your own risk"? They are there for a reason...


You better be careful or she may accuse you of being rude because you told her she was wrong.


Call the police. Period. And it took you 3 hours to buy $200 worth of groceries?


This is not walmarts fault.This could happen to anyone.When you park at any business you stand a chance of getting your car hit.Even parked on an street beside the curb.People do not respect others property and Very few leave a note of any kind.Since you have all these medical problem's,It would probably be better if you shopped in the morning hour's.Or better still do you have someone to shop for you until you are better.You cannot blame walmart for this occurance.Once i was parked on the police parking lot and Someone hit my vehicle,In saying that anything can happen anywhere and Any time.


What exactly did you expect Walmart to do? It was an accident that just happened on their lot.

They are not resposible. They could have let you sit down someowhere but in reality you should have just chalked it up to experience and left.

it happens all the time. I am sorry about your luck