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The Super Walmart Store in Hobbs, NM is the worst I have ever seen. Check out lines at best are 4 to on a good day 6 checkers, the last few months, especially on weekends and after work. This is a large store, cars lined to the highway and there are these poor 4 or 5 checkers that have all the work (I know it's not their fault) they have to take all the grips from customers.

I stand in line at the Pharmacy for 30 minutes and then I go to the regular checkout for another 30 minutes, and if I need something at Customer Service well add another 30. It really can be at least 1 and half hours just standing in lines at Walmart in Hobbs.

The shelves are always empty of so many things, they don't have any stockers either. They now close at night no workers. It's dirty, and pushing a cart through is a challenge for all the boxes standing in the aisles. You want something you have to open the boxes yourself and try and find it.

The reason they don't have employees. They don't pay diddlie squat. Here they have to compete with oil field wages and such. Walmart won't pay!!! Rent here is high no one can work and live on these wages period, plus it seems no one can pass a drug test here. So they run a third class business here. This is like living in a third world country when you enter a store like this.

Saturday when I was in there I wish I had a camera at the long lines. They twined through the main lobby and up through the clothing and grocery areas. Basket after basket was left ever where. Makes you wonder about all that frozen and refrigerated things. I imagine it is put back on the shelf but when??? easy way to get spoiled food. So many people here have gone back to Kmart or other stores than to wait in these lines, it has to be a real need for something to go here and get it anymore.

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I would just like to say that I think the Hobbs store does the best it can. The reason nothing is ever on the shelves is because it's a multi-million dollar store, at least I know that is the case for the grocery side of the store.

As for the GM side, well they have hardly any workers, but when I went from my store to the hobbs store to help with inventory, my crew stocked most of GM side, and what we put out sold quickly. I understand that people don't want to wait in long lines, that's completely understandable, I know they recently hired more cashiers. I agree with some of their management being jerks. I encountered that while working on the remodel.

Speaking of remodel, I would like to mention that the Hobbs store does not pay for Remodel, the corporation pays for that, they believe that by remodeling it, it will be easier for workers to stock items, and easier for customers to shop.

They also feel that if the store looks nicer people will want to shop there. Still it does not make standing in line any better.


Even the Walmart in nearby Carlsbad has self checkout . Many times I have opted to not go in because of the long lines .

The oil change side of the service center frequently shuts down , in fact it is closed right now . If I am ever in Midland , Tx or Carlsbad I will wait to go to one of those to do my shopping .

We need some high end stores in Lea Co. as well .


another problem with that wal-mart is bad management. i used to work there and they had very poor managers.

i understand that they are under alot of stress, but some of those managers actually made matters worse on a regular basis. probably another factor that led to so few workers.


The Home Depot is in the same condition. Why get a job working there when you can work in the oil field doing menial labor for much, much, much more pay.


sound like the Walmart in Dunn, NC , only the Walmart is Dunn is Clean . They have over 25 registers but only open about 6 of them .

Can't afford to hire more cashiers but can afford to remodel a store that is not even 10 years old . Not to mention they have some of the lowest pay wages .