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The Walmart entrance is a gathering place for those pitiful souls who are seeking something for nothing. WM is conveniently located for me, but after a couple of years of wading through the horde, and waiting in forever lines to have the dreaded 'Closed' sign slammed down in front of me, I decided to go for the options...the 'other' stores in Nac.

What a pleasant experience to walk into and out of a store without being bombarded by beggars. My grocery expense has not gone up at all, and the selection, especially the produce is great.

Employees stand ready to assist in finding an item, and will order anything special if requested. Everyone should try it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Shop Facility.

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You do realize that if 'Everyone tries it' you would just be back in the same boat. What are they supposed to do?

Turn others away to just assist you and only you?

Ya great business plan there bro. You should open up your own grocery store and let us all know how that goes.