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Walmart has some real staffing issues in their North Mississippi store. There's one employee over in the returns department that is all attitude.

I hate to even have to deal with a return or their service department. This one woman acts like you're bothering her to get her to do her job and then she just does it with an ugly attitude. . Like she's not getting paid or something.

She's just real snotty like. Like she's the Walmart Queen or something. lol. I don't know if she just don't like certain people for certain reasons or she's just an old five letter word but you would think they would try to put people in the service area that likes to do their jobs and does it with a LITTLE bit of a smile.

I know you can't be happy all the time but I try to avoid her even when she's on the floor. She's not very service oriented or maybe it's like I said, because she seems to have a bias towards certain people. I'll leave it at that. She just seems like she's all attitude and no service.

Walmart needs to seed some anonymous shoppers into this store on a regular basis ( especially at peak times) and let them see what the customers have to deal with with some of these people. With some of them it's like you dread to see them at the counter. It's time for some of them to go. They've been there too long or they don't like their jobs..

A couple of them need to be working in the back or something if you're going to keep them employed, where they don't have to deal with the public.

They've just got nasty attitudes. I don't shop there an extra lot, I usually go to New Albany or Ripley for this reason, but I have shopped Walmart stores in Holly Springs since nearly the day they built the old one on the other side of town, They should have cut some of these people a long time ago and started fresh with a new building.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Employee training.

I liked: Location.

I didn't like: Service, Lengthy process to return defective item, 20 people in a line only 3 registers open, Customer service is all attitude and trouble.

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To: Holly Springs, MS. Walmart Needs Too Change An Of Staff And Attitude Agreed.

While i was shopping into an store into one of the locations where i am at. There was an employee who had an mean and nasty attitude, too the customers and the employees. Basically screaming and yelling at them. While i was trying too get her name, she covered her name tag.

I asked the employees for her name, they said they cannot give her name out because they could into trouble with her. She played favorites with both employees and customers. She would pretend too be nice, and turn out hateful and arrogant talking bad behind employees and customers' backs. Then, she would thrown an tantrum while other employees and customers, told her they did not like her.

This had happen a few times. i told the store manager and described too the store manager, what the front end manager looked like. I told the manager about her attitude and what the other employees said about her about how they are getting treated by her, and her not giving her name out. Guess they don't care about their customers giving them bad reviews.

I called the store too the location. I asked them for the manager too the store and had too described the front end manager, again. and the store manager said" We are are going too do something about her. We have had problems with her." "She's going too get fired." I am like "Now?" "After you know you have had so many other employees and customers complain about her and leave because of her?" I have see both employees and customers leave of this front end manager.

The last few times after this, while i was there, she was still working and acting mean and nasty. While i was walking up too the store management and: you're going too let your employees and your customers get treated like this again and again?

At this time, i am able too let things go and take things in. But when i have had enough, "I am not playing with people who are mean and nasty." I am done with this location, and said, "Goodbye Walmart!"


Walmart Does Not monitor this board, and so Walmart Will Not know that you want the employees who work at this location to receive employee training, which is what you included in your complaint.So if you Really want Walmart to address this, the best thing to do is to send their Corporate Headquarters a letter explaining your complaint.Their contact information is found on their website.

to Anonymous #1522907

Actually I just got to looking for a place to review because of the way they act sometimes, and I saw there was another comment about this store that I was responding to and the site had a pop up that asked me if I wanted to use this as my own review so I did. I just don't like shopping in places where people seem like they have attitude problems all the time and the only way the Corporate will know is if we submit it.

It shows they send these reviews to the corporation so I'm assuming they're getting the message. I don't know but maybe it will help them to be nicer to people.

Sometimes it's more convenient for me to shop there but I just don't because some of the people are so unfriendly. I guess it depends on what time of the day you go in, I dont know, but some of them could certainly use some hospitality lessons.

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