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I have had a terrible experience. I had placed an order to be picked up in store and it was supposed to be ready yesterday.

It never arrived. My account indicated that it would be ready at 10am today. It never arrived. I called customer service and I was instructed to call the store that the order was supposed to come from.

When I called the store they informed me that they will cancel the order because it was currently out of stock. They suggested to me that I call a different location. I called another location and they told me that they would set it aside for me but I would have to begin the process all over. I called customer service again and asked if I could simply change the location of where to pick up my item since I had already paid for it.

They told me no. I was told that I would have to wait to receive a credit on my account and I will have to do the process all over again. The problem is that the account I used is a secondary account that I was using for all of my holiday shopping. This item was the last item that I had to buy and I maxed out my credit card.

I didn't want to use another account as this gift was going to be a surprise. Why not just use the same order # and let me pick up the item at a different location?? Why would you process my card if the item is not in stock?? Why not immediately issue me a credit seeing that this is not my fault??

I decided to shop online this year to eliminate the stress of shopping... This experience has ruined that for me. As "compensation" I was offered a coupon in the amount of $10 which I won't receive for another 24 hours which renders it useless for the purchase that I am currently trying to make. $10 is in no way a compensation for all of the aggravation that I had to go through.

Not to mention, now I will not be able to make this purchase in time for Christmas... Almost every person that I spoke with in regards to this matter was useless or rude.

A manager just kept saying "sorry, but this is our process"... I think that the process is flawed!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pick Up Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Customer relations useless.

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Contact a lawyer to see if they want to start a class action for Walmart's taking orders, processing credit cards and then cancelling orders with their .com. It costs customers in exposed credit, lost opportunities to buy the product elsewhere, time and aggravation.