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I have been dealing with my issue for 3 weeks now. Here's a brief summary  First off placed 2 orderes and nothing was right had return or cancel they said everything i orderes was website error.  To me how can all of that be an error to me false advertising!  And most off shady.

Planning on getting items goingout of my way to get them and they are wrong. Walmart not willing ro make me happy at all. Just an oh well and you wasted your time. Then i never gor my refunds spend 2 days talking to reps and they either stopped talking to me or saids thats all can do pretty much they wouldnt help.

Was told at one point i was giving all my refundsans aakes for proof and they could not send me. And that i needed to deal with my bank oh no that did not go well. She stopped talking to me. Emailed walmartagain last night rep ended up giving me a refunds on some.

So i was lied too! Asked her for the rest because my account still showing items payed for. when the last  girl did the refund it showed up on my account right away ans got email. She said everythingwas refunded i just asked them to send me proof becausemy side doesn't show it and i was lied to before.

Was told thats all she can do and contact bank. Ans stopped responsed to me and would not answer me. Agian no i am so upset i had to take a break before i came through the computer. Lady I talked to tonight 5/26 was able to give me some of the info and showing me proof.

The same thing all of the others could have done. She still was not about to answer my question on why it still shows I paid on items and they weren't returned because the others came off right away. I am just so upset ans angry I was lied to ignored and emailed mutiple times and no reply because someone did not want to work. That I was never offered anything for the 3 weeks of stuff I had go through.

I can out with nothing but a head ace.

I spend about 200 a week with ur store plus online as you can look up my recipes I have on my account. Your customer services makes me sick and i am sorry to be a loyal customer for all this time

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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