I ordered a $180 item from Walmart that was supposed to be delivered mid-December, but it never arrived. I was issued a refund by Walmart and thought the problem was over.

The item was eventually dropped on my doorstep during the night, damaged, in late December. I called Walmart and gave them the confirmation number of the return pick-up set for the next day (the delivery driver wouldn't take it back immediately). The Walmart rep, Arthur, stated that if I had any further problems with the pickup, not to worry about returning the damaged item because a refund had already been issued and I had done everything asked of me. I spent the next five days waiting for a return pick-up that never came.

Over the next two weeks, I was told by three different Walmart employees (two verbal and one in writing) not to worry about the item and that I wouldn't be charged. It came as little surprise that when I checked my bank statement yesterday - I was charged. I tried to get the charges refunded through two different Walmart reps, but they refused, even though I've wasted well over $1,000 of my own time sending/receiving phone calls and emails and waiting for missed deliveries and pick-ups for a damaged item. Today, I'll be forwarding formal complaints to the Arkansas AG, the FTC, and the BBB.

I really don't expect anything to change at Walmart and I really don't care anymore.

I could care less about the money - it was about doing the right thing. I was a loyal customer of Walmart for several decades, but I can guarantee that no one in my family will ever set foot in, or shop at Walmart, again.

User's recommendation: Shop elsewhere.

Location: Spokane, Washington

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