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I went to Walmart today to do the monthly shopping for my Grandma who is Disabled and cannot leave her hoouse. I alway take a list and she gives me her pin for her EBT card.

She always has alimit of 200 onher card and what ever is left over I pay cash and she refunds me. ...Well I went to the register the total came to 217.00. I proceded to tell the checker there is only 200 on the EBT card. The checker tells me that I have to do the payment of the 17 first then she can do the EBT card.

I said no they always punch it in then take the balance. She said let me put the 17 and run your card it won't take the 217 Guess what it did. SO I now have to go to the service desk and to refund me theyvhad to key in those 6 digit codes for each item and yes I have a cart and a half pf item and of course they are going to miss some stuff, they had to go through the receipt 4 times enter all 217 was refunded in cash cause they couldn't put in my card. They now want to take me back to a register and ring me back up 30 more minutes.

No sorries nothing. I understand Iwork customer serivice and your going to make mistakes. However don't act like I'm the one inconviencing you. I'm here because of you .

Thanks Walmart in Lebanon Oregon we know this is not the first time. People need to know....I'm not a office Manager for nothing I'm going to make sure this is voiced Yours Truely Crystal Pool

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What do you Expect? It's wal-mart employees who work there aren't Brain Surgeons :x
What do you Expect? It's wal-mart employees who work there are Brain Surgeons :x

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