Houma, Louisiana

I was trying to call the deli to ask if they had a certain type of chicken tonight. The operator transferred me to the deli FIVE different times and at no point did anyone answer.

I decided to hang up and call back and the operator then informed me that they must be on their lunch break and that "she guessed they will be back in an hour or so." I find it VERY hard to believe that the entire deli would be on lunch break for an entire hour and NO ONE could pick up the phone.

The operator did not offer to send someone to the back to check or anything. This is not the first time I've had poor custmer service with this particular location's customer service and I have never been the type to complain about customer service, but this is just plain ridiculous.

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The deli could have been busy. They take customers in order. Suppose you were standing at the deli waiting and the phone rang. And the worker took the call. You wouldn't like that would you? And if you were on the phone and the worker answered it and said please hold that would *** you off too. Its a Catch 22. And if they were at lunch you can blame the managers. One person cannot run the deli alone. If there's only two people working it they will shut down the deli.

And I worked as an operator for a year. Send someone to check? Yeah, good luck with that. And if I as operator had went to check myself I would have gotten in trouble for leaving the phones

Its never as cut and dry as you think.

Funny Mann

It's Walmart their philosophy is "We could care less...where else are you going to go?"