Wilmington, Delaware

This Walmart has the absolute worst customer service, they are down right rude with the worst attitude. I did not realize that the cashier had place all my glass products in one bag so when I went to go pick the pack up outside everything smashed on the concrete.

I asked for a replacement on 2 products total would have been about $4...I got told I needed to bring merchandise inside in order to get an exchange.

When I explained it was in pieces of glass everywhere they said it did not matter I physically needed to pick up the glass and bring it in!!! When I asked to speak to a manager (after I was practically thrown the receipt at) she said that her employee was wrong there was absolutely nothing to be done because I should have checked the bag!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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You have to be careful with glass, next time have a parent hold the bag for you until you are old enough to handle glass without being careless. Your own fault for being careless, at least they were willing to replace the glass but no you have to throw a fit and not follow their instructions.


Got to be more "Careful".If you had a" Brain" I would be scared of you.Even a child know's when something is to heavy hole the bottom.


Translation: I am a horrible customer. I purchased items and broke them due to my own carelessness.

Now I'm upset that Walmart won't accept a bunch of broken glass (that I'm too lazy to even bring back into the store) and exchange my item. No wonder employees cringe when I walk into a store.


Some cashiers are good and bag well. Some Suck big time.

Don't worry she will not be EMPLOYEE long high turnover at WALLYWorld.

It is the stores fault and if you SPEND your hard earned money somewhere else and sales decline they will get the MESSAGE.


Did you ever hear of the reusable bags? That being said you should have been able to tell when you started to pick up the bag that it was heavy and therefore put your hand on the bottom of the bag. In fact I do that anytime I feel a plasitic or paper bag is heavy, because even if it is canned goods I don't want to have to chase rolling cans all over a parking lot.