Hickory, North Carolina
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just totally discussed by the cashier at this Walmart today when my autistic granddaughter was there & she was having a bit of a melt down & this rude person ( Im using this word very loosely ) a cashier a employee of walmart gave us a very annoyed look like how dare we intrude on her day !!!! EXCUSE ME , if we did not go to that store which by the way never again will we go there , you will not have a job !!!!!

so go and stand under the trailer you leave on or used to leave on and wish for a better life, you are a discussing person , who does not believe in GOD & should not be working anywhere where people are around. You Walmart should be embarrassed to have such a animal/person represent your store .

!!!!! Please parents of autistic children DO NOT that store on Spring rd , Hickory, Nc Thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: sales person should loos her job !!!!!.

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Are you sure you are not the autistic one....or should I say paranoid schizophrenic?


we will not go to that walmart any more until that piece of garbage is removed from that store !!!!!!


The garbage was removed from the store when you walked out the door princess!


You sound like a pansy 400lb fagg who posts shlap on pissedconsumer instead of looking for a girlfriend.