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Just want everyone to know about their horrible customer service and even worse are the customer service supervisors. After your 7th phone call to straighten out a mythical security issue with your account you are told supervisors don’t talk to customers they are too busy.

When I asked for a return call they said they don’t do that. I’ve been trying for 11 days to send a lousy 40 e-gift card to our grandson for his birthday.

My credit company says good to go and Wal-Mart won’t process. Thanks for the great service Wal-Mart!Target here I come.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I absolutely believe this company is heading for a huge fall. In attempting to do catch-up with technology, Walmart is in over its head and its customer dis-service is compounding the problem exponentially.

My recommendation? Steer clear of ordering any more than one product at a time on-line. You will likely receive SEVERAL items you did not request, as well as items that are damaged which have clearly been returned to the store because of missing parts, breakage, etc., then sent right back out to an unsuspecting customer. They recently added a new feature for prescription notifications, but of course I ended up in limbo trying to set my preferences.

A bot answered the help line and told me to dial exactly the same phone number to get help! Then, the bot hung up on my any assistance whatsoever.

What a mess! Back to Amazon!


Difficult to believe you would spend all this effort to get grandson a gift he will not appreciate. Try Amazon.