Olympia, Washington

I was given a discount card by a pharmacy worker at walmart in Lacey Washington that would help with the cost of my diabetic test strips. When I returned to refill my test strips the same woman who gave it to me would not honor it saying they did not carry "promise" test strips that I had a prescription for "lite".

If you read the card it says that it is for my strips and they "promise" that the co pay will only be 15 dollars. The employee then informed me that I would have to wait 40 minutes to fill the order. These strips are already boxed up and are available anytime. In addition the rude pharmacist must tell me every month how to take my medication that I have taken for the past 23 years.

You must wait in a line for at least 20 minutes to get your prescriptions then wait again for the pharmacist to tell you how to take them. There are at least 7 employees behind the counter but only one person helping customers while the rest chat. I have had enough and have moved my prescriptions to another store where the people who work there know what they are doing. This is only one of the 100's of complaints I have about walmart pharmacy.

Every time I picked up a prescription there was a problem, an issue or a hassle.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Prescription Refill.

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Most of your complaint is BS.


Sioux Falls, South Dakota you are an ignorant hag. There are 3 Wal-Mart's in the 10 mile radius of me and NONE of them have their glucose test strips on the shelf.

The testers are on the shelf but NOT THE TEST STRIPS! Sioux Falls, South Dakota thanks for proving you are a *** liar!


Ours has them in both places, as test strips are an over the counter item. They are also kept behind the counter as some patients who's insurance pays for them have to have them filled as a prescription. Relion is our most common and most sold over the counter strip.


The poster has no clue how a pharmacy works. You can not just pull it off the shelf and hand it over UNLESS it is an over the counter item that does not require being filled as a script.

The poster stated hers was a script and she had a discount card. Those go into the Connexus the same way insurance is billed. She has to wait like everyone else.

And it matters not if there are 50 people behind the pharmacy.

Each one is trained for a specific job. The cashier can not count the pills.


I think you have a problem. In my WalMart the test strips are on a shelf, where anybody can get them, you should be able to go to a shelf and grab however many boxes you need, and go to a check out show your card and pay for them.

If you don't like the WalMart pharmacy, change pharmacies. That would be the smart thing to do.

Actually your complaint doesn't make much sense because it doesn't specify what brand of test strips you use. First you say "promise" test strips that you have a prescription for and then in the same sentence you refer to "lite."


If it is a prescription discount card that can only be applied at the pharmacy counter with insurance. They are meant to be used to lower an insurance copay, not work like a coupon. Just FYI.