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First off I am disabled. I have sent two or three letters through pissed consumer asking for contact from Walmart corporate.

The last letter I sent I believe was July 7th, and I have not heard a thing. Apparently Walmart personnel does not realize that the customer is a major contribution to their wages. I myself worked in retail over 25 years, and I would never have treated a customer the way Walmart treats their customers! I have asked to be contacted by Walmart corporate, but apparently they're too busy to help their customers.

I am now boycotting Walmart, you have already lost about $400 of my business. Until I hear from corporate I will not spend another dime in a Walmart, and I will go on social media to let my friends know just how bad Walmart is to their customers, and let me just say I have many many friends on Facebook!

I am disgusted that a 30 year old Walmart associate cannot move their butt three aisles to help an elderly, or disabled person locate something. I will spend my money, and pay higher prices at another store that appreciates my business, unless I hear from Walmart corporate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Contact Walmart directly,this is just a complaint forum. I'm sure your $400 really won't hurt Walmart.


If you want a response from Walmart - contact them directly. This is a 3rd party website for everyone to complain about what's bothering them that day.

Walmart isn't going to contact you because you left a complaint here. smh