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I ordered two tablets to pickup at the store. Silly me I thought it would be faster than standing around in the store waiting for someone to help us.

Everything went through fine, then I receive an email saying my order is being delayed due to a payment issue. I instantly log into my bank, there it is a pending payment to I use the chat option to contact support. I'm told thw order is in financial review.

Excuse me but why? Then I'm told the order is being rushed through and I could pick them up around 8pm. Go to walmart, low and behold no processed orders.They said to wait until morning. I waited until afternoon.

Still no order. This time I called, I was told yet again financial review. BS I was advised to cancel the order and purchase in store. So I ask if the money is refunded immediately, of course not it takes 5 days.

Now I'm really upset. I don't understand what the issue is. Someone should have called me if there was an issue. Now I'm being told it could be Monday or Tuesday before this is resolved.

I will never, ever use again.

It is not faster, it is not easier. Its a nightmare.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Hello, the finance review that does is some oreders is to ensure your finance safety. The process is complete normal in most websites like Amazon and even target does it too. The resolution timeframe for this procedure in is of 48 hours or less and if you would like to cancel the order the "pending" charge will drop in accordance to your financial institution policies, most scenarios is immediately and in some cases up to 5 days.


The pick up center is right by the electronics. You should just buy it in the store from the first place.