Hackensack, New Jersey
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I purchased 3 fish yesterday here. I got all of the correct equipment necessary for a suitable environment.

Yet they all died, and I can't wrap my brain around why. After researching for hours I finally came to a realization. You killed my fish. Your dirty *** filled water is what killed it.

You don't care for it, I spent my money on these fish. To find them upside dead. Thank you Walmart for killing my happiness, have mercy ***. Not only am I hurt to see such beautiful innocent creatures in such bad conditions, but I am angry.

Because many like me suffer because of your lack of humanity. I will sue.

I definitely will. I am tired of this *** fed to me by them.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I do believe that your ignorance killed the fish. FISH KILLER!


Did you acclimatize the fish to your tank? You can't just dump them in, you know.

I think it's funny how the fish were alive and seemingly well until you introduced them to your "suitable environment". Sounds less like walmart killed them and more like you did..


You probably did not prep your tank properly.


What incredible bs. The fish were alive and fine at Walmart.

They died with you. Blame yourself.