Dickinson, Texas
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My mother and I were walking inside this Walmart and it was about 11:30pm. The door that was open was near the grocery side.

We shopped for our food and were headed out to leave and noticed there was only 1 register open. That I was expecting because of the time. Was I was NOT happy about was that the one open was the LAST one on the opposite side! Self checkout wasn't open, nor we're there any charged motorized carts.

My mom is handicapped with a bad back and knees and she happened to have a broken foot at the time also. I asked to speak with a manager about this and she seemed to not care one bit.

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Lol its not Walmart's fault she is handicap, if u want to be sure she has an electric cart all the time buy her a hoverround


That is why they have the electric carts for her to use.


sorry about my previous post my dad kept me up all night sucking his co.,ck. I believe all stores should accommodate handicapped customers anytime the store is open night or day.


What did you expect at 11:30 at night. That is the way their stores run. If you do not like it shop somewhere else!!!!!!!!


I think you missed the point. OP is saing the reg open should have been the one near the door.

Not that only one was open.

Also that there were no charged carts for her mom.

(You must work for Walmart/have family that does)