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On 12/26/2015 I shopped at the WALMART located on 710 Denery Road, San Diego CA 92154. I had denied the validation of a coupon because it expired on 12/25/2015.

When I asked to speak to the manager a lady named Claudia Gonzales claim to be the manager even though the receipt says MANAGER Mike Wolf. I let her know that the coupon expired on 12/25/2015 and she responded with an attitude stated "And" so I ask if she could honor it even though it expired a day before. If I go to TARGET, VONS, RALPHS, or other groceries they honor it even when is a month because it's up to the store manager. She responded with an attitude again and responded "NO".

I was astound to know that they can get away with that attitude towards the customers. That one dollar was more than a dollar because that will be the last time I will go to WALMART. Nobody has the right to treat me like that and get my money.

I know it's a fact WALMART is horrible with lines and employees and always kept my distance. Know I know I will never step in one of the WALMARTs again and join the people disgusted by WALMART who will never shop their again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service, pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: Entertain the idea of good customer service to your managers.

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Its walmart.go to a real store. Ghetto store=ghetto customers/employees


Just because someone tells you "no' does not automatically mean they gave you attitude. Pull up your big girl panties and accept the fact that they will not accept the expired coupon.

I doubt you will be missed. Generally when a grown up throws a temper tantrum when they do not get their way they are not missed.

Refusing to take your expired coupon is not mistreating you.


There is a difference in being told no, and being rude. If they accept that coupon they are eating the money.

What did you expect her to say. It was your fault, not hers.


It seems that the majority of the posters mistake being told "no" as rudeness. Sometimes the mistake it as racial discrimination as well.

What a shame. Well hopefully the OP will read the other people's comments and realize how immature she is being and grow up a little.

Then again I doubt it.