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Was in there Friday afternoon 4/26/13 about 3:30 p.m. Not a very busy time of the day.

Only had a few items (but expensive ones grrr) so went through the speedy lane right next to the door. The woman in front of me stood there and counted out change forever and then put her money away and re-organized her wallet while I (and 15 other people) stood behind her and waited. There is no conveyor belt on that line. The cashier, whom I've known since we were little kids, did not smile, did not acknowledge me in any way, was not wearing a name tag, had a shirt on with greasy spots all over it, and then had the nerve to point at the items at the back of the counter (which she could have easily reached had she bothered to lean forward and get them) and gesture at me to get for her so she could ring them up.

I spent $70 and she did not say one word to me the entire time. Not hello, not thank you, NOTHING.

WOW. Would have complained to manager but figured why bother...last time I did a couple years ago manager said to me "well lady what do you expect...this is WalMart."

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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@Kenyatte Sro

Uh, are you really so thick you can't understand? You jumped on Sandymeg for replying about her daughter, and snidely told her she was the only one speaking of her.

When if fact, someone else HAD made a rather crude and callous remark about her, before you came barging in like a bull *** at GlamourCon. Are you getting your alter ego's mixed up again? Maybe it was you who responded.

You should get those little colored tags, and mark all the different names different colors. They have them at WalMart...

@Kenyatte Sro


So that's a "*** slap"!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!

Well stated, indeed!

The only thing that I take issue with is that I don't believe in any way, shape, means or fashion that this "LadyScot" is a female.

No matter - perhaps you'll *** them off into forcing an answer to your comments.

@Andrea Ahw


The point of your "comment" seemed to be to make someone who dared to make a comment on a web message board feel as bad as possible. Do you treat your customers like you treat people here?

If so, it's a wonder they haven't all fled to CVS. I myself would have no problem confronting you or this other poor excuse for a retail worker, but some people are not that confident. And as you pointed out many times in previous posts, sometimes you just don't know who you're talking to - they may be willing to escalate a verbal discussion to violence. Bottom line - it's not the customer's job to make sure csr's are well behaved - it's the store manager's and Walmart's job.

And it seems they're not doing it well. Hence the need for these consumer boards. You do remember these are intended for consumers, don't you?

Not pissed off retail clerks. That web site is over there on the left, right next to the "I can't quit cause no one else will hire my sorry ***" dot com

@Kenyatte Sro


@Kenyatte Sro

I only use one screen name on the internet, and that is this one. I have used it for many years. Try again.

@Andrea Ahw

*** señora scot


I love the show Undercover Boss, tonight's episode was awesome! When the Retro Fitness CEO fired that obnoxious punk!

I hope the same thing happens to the butch that showed her true colors on this site is fired with no unemployment benefits.

Call 1-800-Walmart the management and associates love it when corporate contacts them about customer complaints! Let them know that name of the rude cashier and that she and LadyScot would be better serving Walmart by cleaning the bathrooms where they little to no interaction with customers.

Your experience is typical since Walmart hires ignorant heroin addicts like LadyScot.


I like that show too...because it shows both sides...the good and bad. And though I've stopped accepting poor customer service these days I always make sure that I also give feedback on good experiences and service just the same.

And I believe in tipping well when good service is had and not well when it's not.


Not the cashier's fault the woman in front took too long to count her money. If you knew the cashier for years why do you need a name tag?

What does it matter what her shirt looks like? As for the reaching across the counter for your stuff, some reason you could not push it forward? Seriously? YOU stand there for 9 hours reaching your back out for people who act like it is an inconvenience to push their *** where you can reach it.

If you think I am rude, too bad.

YOU get a job in retail where YOU have to do with YOU all day, and YOU can join the rude club. People like YOU and Sooo are the reason people who work in retail are so miserable.

We do not get paid enough for your ***. I wish I had been behind you in line.

@Andrea Ahw

When I worked as a Walmart cashier I was told that no matter what the customer does it is your fault. My husband confirms that. The customer is king and ruler and that is all there is to it.


That's how it should be really--to a point. I know it's difficult sometimes and there are people who really cross the line.

There's a limit to how much anyone should have to put up with.

Actually being expect :) ed to do your job politely isn't asking too much.


Try working at Hornell new york,they have and will tell the customer to F-off.

@Andrea Ahw

How do you know that I, or anyone else who posts or responds does not work in retail? That's making a rather sweeping assumption don't you think?

The pay scale is a whole other issue that isn't relevant. The fact is you choose to work in retail and you accept that pay scale when you take the job. If you don't like it stop playing the victim and go do something to change it. Go to school, get a degree, find a trade you like.

There are any number of other things you could choose to do with your life. Customers are the reason retails stores can stay in business, keep people employed, pay taxes, and stimulate the economy.

Get over yourself and grow up.

@Jasha Eyy

Hi Sandymeg-

You'll have to excuse LadyScot - she has some sort of issue where no matter the provocation, lack of customer service skills, or common courtesy a retail employee displays, she can always find a justification for it. It seems to be her job to answer these complaints - I'm not positive of this, as she won't answer my questions as to why she performs this task. She clearly hates her job and her customers, yet she won't say why she stays at the same position. It appears (unconfirmed) that she has multiple personas on this site, who support her way of thinking, including Anonymous from Sioux City, Iowa, and that Sears guy. There are also people who argue with these personas who ALSO may be the same person. I also suspect they (she?) has been submitting some rather spurious complaints, then berating the submitter. It's hard to keep track-

She won't answer any questions about why she's doing this - so we naturally assume she's getting paid for it. Somehow, it would be worse if she was doing it out of loyalty to the stores (WalMart and Walgreens among them), but it may be she's just bored. Of course, she might just be a person who likes to make some people's day just a little bit worse - and that would be truly sad. I just wish she'd own up to whatever it is she's doing, and then maybe go to a site like "pissedretailworkers" or something, rather than a site for consumer complaints. When I'm king of the Internet, things will change...

@Kenyatte Sro

Love your message. Of course, you will get blasted by the "Lady".

I love it, too, when she/he, Anonymous and That Sears Guy pop a cork when it is suggested that their motivations must be monetary.

Doesn't it remind you of a radio broadcast where only one or two jocks play many different characters?

@Kenyatte Sro

Thank you Mr. Customer.

I'm sorry I even posted anything now. Honestly I'm just tired of accepting poor customer service when I work hard for my money too. I think (my opinion only) that we, as a society, have become so complacent about it that it just continues to get worse. I once went through the drive through at Taco Bell after work (later in evening when dining room was closed and only drive through open).

I ordered for my whole family but the bag felt light so I pulled into a parking space and checked the bag. Sure enough several items I'd paid for were missing. I live 10 miles from the store and didn't want to have to drive back to get it or argue about it so I went back through the drive through and told the person at the window I was missing some items and the response was *** Y** and the window slammed in my face. WOW.

I've never gone through the drive through after dining room close again and it was quite a while before I went back to that store...several years. There was no excuse for that. That's what I'm talking about. I didn't call anyone...I just accepted it.

That person should have been fired immediately at the very least. I hadn't cussed or yelled...just simply stated I ordered this and I only got that...would you like to see my receipt? Bang! I've tried to figure out how to delete my account because of those comments (and the one up above that implies that I was somehow at fault for my daughter's very serious disability that resulted in her death at age 15...again WOW...sure wouldn't wanna be on the tracks when the karma train comes for the person that made that comment).

It's sad when people can't point out things that are less than desirable without being attacked, called names, and having slurs made against their families.

Sure wish the world would change... :sigh

@Kenyatte Sro

By the way, I also noticed that "Lady"Scot has a photo...and it appears to be male. Hmmm...you may be right!

@Andrea Ahw

Ladyscott if you dont like your job why not do us all a favor and just quit?


So what is your complaint? That a customer was taking to long?

What do that have to do with Walmart? And someone you have known since you were kids didn't acknowledge you...and you've known the cashier since you were kids and you need a name tag why because you don't recall their name? After reading your complaint I can come up with a couple of reason's why the cashier did not smile or say one word to you.

Maybe the cashier was annoyed by the customer before you for the same ludicrous reason you were or better yet it is more likely the cashier remembered what an impatient imbecile you are and didn't want to waste your or her time with insincere conversation. I do agree Walmart employees ignorant like LadyScot but this complaint is more about your life issues than the cashier.

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