Nashville, Tennessee

This is in regards to the Walmart located in Nashville on Harding Place. When you first walk in the store you get the stench of rotting fruit & vegetables immediately.

The customer service is one of the worst I have ever seen. They go out of their way to be rude & condescending. That's if you can get them to speak to you at all. The "greeter " doesn't speak or even make eye contact.

The employees walking around don't address your questions but have in depth conversations with each other. The cashiers are horrible! They are so rude. I have went on 10 seperate occasions.

I figured the staff would be rotated out so maybe I would have a different experience. Not true.

It's almost like they get a training class for ignorance, rudeness and stupidity before they start. I will never go back.

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I have to agree with anonymous. I mean you have one bad experience, you can say perhaps it was a bad day, you have two, okay one more chance, but three strikes and you are out. Why give ten chances unless you like abuse and bad treatment.


"The "greeter " doesn't speak or even make eye contact."

You must be very lonely and or have low self esteem if you are hurt someone did not say hi to you.

"I have went on 10 seperate occasions."

IT took you ten visits to finally figure out you should shop elsewhere. That an smelling rotten fruit and you went back ten times.


You're the rotten fruit. Go away ***