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At Walmart on Fallbrook in Woodland Hills, Ca. I have to bag my own things as the checker just stands their.

The check stand in the back is never open and the front lines are so long. I've downloaded some pics and even those do not give the full picture on how filthy the store is or the potential hazards of items falling, etc.

this wasn't just a one time experience and it's not getting better. I'm concerned about eating their food because I've seen go bak carts in isles with food items just sitting and nobody attending to them.

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Who, with debit/credit cards available these days, writes checks at Walmart or any grocery store for that matter anymore?

Our Walmarts stopped taking checks and I thank them for it!

Floating money you don't have to buy your groceries. smh


You think the employees did that?


Thats every Walmart

Fort Washington, Maryland, United States #1192339

Then why you keep going to Walmart for shopping?


The store caters to the mexicans of SFV so there is no need for standards. I called this same store before and the lady didn't speak enough english to understand me so she hung up on me. Shop at target.

to Anonymous Springdale, Arkansas, United States #1183242

Welcome to Illegalfornia.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #1086218

why should cashier unload your cart? they are paid to ring your merchandise up not to be your personal slave.

to anon #1099475

The OP seems to think they are above everyone else.

to anon #1290041

Where does it say the cashier should unload her cart? I read that the cashier didn't bag the stuff and she had to do it.


I can see in a few of the photos, there are items in disarray, flour bags spilled, and mud on the floor. These are ALL caused by customers, and a lot of traffic thru the store.

What time did you shop? I've found that if I shop in the morning or early afternoon, I have a better experience - the store is cleaner AND there is more stock.


One thing I don't understand about your post is, how the check stand is in the back. The Walmart that I go to, the check stand can't move.

I always check the date of any food that I purchase. I have had problems with some items that were past the date and were bad. I had to take some Chicken Wings back before I started checking the date because there was a lot of ice in the bag and some were freezer burnt. The lady at customer service said that things were still good after the date, I told her that she should take them home and try them then.

I did get my money back. I was making a meal one night and opened a can of water chestnuts and when I opened them, they were orange, checked the date on the can and they were a YEAR past the date. I didn't take them back because since I opened them I didn't think they would give my money back since they were opened. Like I said before, I now check the date on everything.

I made a turkey meal about three weeks ago, I noticed they had green beans in the produce, it took me about 20 minutes to get what I thought would be enough for what we needed for my husband and I. It wasn't enough. I should have just bought frozen. I didn't want canned because I was frying them with bacon and onions after the bacon and onions were crisp then put the green beans in.

Overall, the store is in good shape and clean.

The only thing that they lock up are expensive perfume.

to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #959336

Thanks for the rambling & pointless cooking recipie!

to Anonymous Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #1071054

you want better food go to the local farmers market -- quit shopping in a store that thinks the best way to serve us is to bring in china made *** --- find a local butcher for your meat needs - yes they are still out there --- if your paying taxes your already paying them --- why double pay? in my area I know of someone who worked for walmart that was FORCED to work off the clock -- but sure it is a great store -- for cat litter -- rofl

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #946939

Anyone who shops at that worthless corporation deserves everything they get... From bad service, inferior products to shopping cart damage on their cars.


Just amazes me people shop at bottom feeder companies like this and expect Cadillac service. *** I'm glad you shop there, gives me plenty of laughs when whiners like this complain.

to Anonymous Newark, New Jersey, United States #959371

You are a very angry person. I'm sorry because you must really be suffering

to Anonymous #963269

Sometimes people shop at Walmart as a nessecity. They do have very low prices, even though obviously they're not always the highest quality store. not everyone has the option to shop somewhere else, when Walmart has sometimes the best quality products for the cheapest amount of money.

to TOOTER #1027804

For a large chain company that sells products for cheap, it's not surprising that their customer service can be sub-par at the best of times.

If you want good service and non-expired food, you have to pay a bit more. Sure some can't afford that, but that doesn't mean a person getting minimum wage (sometimes less) will give two *** about your situation.

to TOOTER #1377391

I thought Walmart had the lowest prices then Lidl came to town - changed my mind, although I do see some things in Walmart now that match Lidl - good they needed some competition.

to Anonymous #1319024

I go in with no expectations for anything good, and I leave feeling good that I was right.

Woodland Hills, California, United States #939439

Pissed customer is for people to tell others about an incident they experianced. It's nice to get feed back on places so we can be aware of what's taking place.

For others who are on this site I'm not sure why. Why would you spend time making angry comments to people whom have had a bad experiance somewhere.

Please find somewhere else to go and stop being angry at life. My gosh!

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