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I cannot believe how horrible Walmart is. I had a baby registry through here with over $1,000 worth of items and I'll I got from Walmart was ***!

They originally told me the site-to-store department would keep the items for 30 days. Many people called to confirm this with the manager and she agreed. Well 2 days after the items arrived Walmart tried telling me they were going to ship they items back in 2 days. Somehow 30 days turned into 4!!!

After arguing with the manager AGAIN she told me she would hold the items for 30 days which was originally the plan. 3 days before my baby shower someone who had ordered items for me received an voice mail saying her money had been refunded and the items were being returned. They never once asked her to call them back and they never gave her time to even come pick the items up! A 4 hour phone call and 3 people hanging up on us later, and we finally got everything "fixed".

A different item I was given had been sent to the store damaged. Another item was supposed to be a 2 pack pacifier holder. I only received 1. Calling Walmart AGAIN got me no where because they wanted me to pay to ship the item back when THEY *** up!!!!

Unfortunately for me I received $100 worth of gift cards to Walmart at my baby shower. Tonight I ordered some items and had them sent to the store (because unlike most stores Walmart doesn't give a *** how much you spend they charge you for shipping no matter what), and one of the items is sold in stores and online. Once the order was placed I received an email saying the one item would be available to be picked up tomorrow since it was carried in the store. Following that email was another saying the item had been canceled since it was not available in store.

Why the *** wouldn't Walmart send the item from the factory to the store like I requested? Why cancel my item just because it wasn't currently available in the store? I didn't ever say I wanted the item FROM the store!!

I requested it to be SHIPPED to the store! I am never buying anything from walmart again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Shipping Service.

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No store should have to hold items for 30 days. That takes up space in a store that could be used to hold more items to keep in stock.

Especially during this busy holiday season when they need every inch of a store to hold stock. They didn't have the item in stock at the store that you ordered and now you're mad about.

Then maybe people like you shouldn't have them hold items for 30 days. Obviously if you can order other items you can pick them up before 30 days.