I am writing to register a complaint against the store listed above. On Wednesday, June 27, 2012, my mother and I arrived at the store in question at approximately 4:30 in the afternoon. We had less than an hour to shop, and several items to purchase. We moved through the store rather quickly . . . . quickly, that is, until we reached the checkout lines. There are somewhere between twenty-five and thirty registers at this location. Of that number, there were five open and dedicated to 15 items or less, and there were four registers open for everyone else.

Customers with full carts were waiting in lines six or seven people deep. My mother got in line and was waiting for a few minutes when the cashier came around the register and addressed the woman directly in front of my mother saying, "You are my last customer." She did not even acknowledge my mother's presence. I was annoyed, but gave the cashier the benefit of the doubt – assuming that, rather than being rude to my mother, she just did not see her. My mother and I moved down three registers to the next one that was open, and began to wait there. The cashiers at this location are notoriously slow, so the wait stretched from five minutes, to ten, from ten to fifteen.

At the fifteen minute mark, I noticed the cashier from the first register we were at come back around the side of the register. There was a man walking by with a few items in his cart. The cashier motioned to him and said "I can take you here, you don't have much. I am just trying to guard my time." Now I was angry, because her comment made it appear that her previous "oversight" was nothing of the sort. I was unable to locate an employee, so I called the store from my phone and requested to speak to the manager. This actually necessitated two calls, because the number online is not the "correct" number – that is, it rings in the store, but it is not a line that can be picked up in other parts of the store. I made the second call and, once again, asked to speak to the manager. While I was waiting, the line next to us opened, and the cashier came over and pulled the three people behind us in line and took them to her register. At this point, my mother was ready to walk out of the store, leaving the cart where it was. The groceries that we had in our cart (some rapidly melting) were essential, and we had no time to go elsewhere. We had now been waiting for twenty-five minutes.

While still waiting for the manager to come to the phone, I saw two employees walking past and heard one instruct the other to open an additional register. I called out to them, then approached them and told them that I needed to follow them to this register; because there was NO way that another register was being opened without my mother being the first person in line. I was not going to allow another person to pass her over. The gentleman was borderline rude, responding with a gruff, "Well, where's she at now?" I called my mother over, and we followed him to the newly opened register. At this time, the manager of the store finally came on the line. I registered my complaint and the manager responded with a vague promise to "talk to the cashiers" – which would be an interesting achievement, since I was unable to provide her with the exact line numbers (since we had been in so many). She did not offer to come out to speak to us, or attempt to rectify the situation in any way. The cashier at this new register, while not particularly pleasant, was at least efficient. After waiting for a grand total of thirty minutes, we finally exited the store.

I understand that we were in the store during what could be considered a "peak" period, but even during a period such as that, measures can be put in place to ensure customer satisfaction – more people can be trained for / scheduled for cashier duty, a manager can remain on the floor to supervise customer care, an expeditor can be called upon to direct the appropriate people to the appropriate lines as they open, fewer dedicated express lines can be used, thereby freeing up those cashiers for the standard lines, etc. This store took absolutely no steps to guarantee customer care. They did nothing (save open a few extra registers at random). They took no steps to avoid/mitigate customer wait time and upon hearing my complaint, no real effort was made to correct the situation.

At the very least, cashiers should be better trained in the dynamics of customer interaction, and managers should be taught to better handle customer complaints, especially when the customer in question is one who regularly patronizes this establishment. A negative experience, such as this one, causes me to question the logic of continuing to shop at Wal-Mart when there is a Target Superstore just a few miles away. It has many of the same products and services, and in addition, it has a pleasant, knowledgeable, and efficient staff.

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You're worried about the time you spent in line, but had plenty of time to write this long rambling post... WTF

Georgia, United States #878011

lol so go to target. we shop there too.

it really doesn't hurt our feelings to hear someone say *i'll just shop at target from now on." see ya there!

I LOVE shopping at target.

to walmartcashier #878023

I agree and people in your state who is pissed at Target will go to your store so it all works out evenly.

instead of calling the store that you were already in like an immature child, you could have had your mother hold the spot and go grab an employee and explain the situation. while I do agree that it seems like the first girl you spoke too was being rude and bad to customers, you were dumb for not taking action sooner.

and what did you want the manager to do? take the cashier aside and spank them and make another register closed?
and anonymous, you're even more psychotic than I thought if you think anyone takes your comments seriously. now I'm not saying everyone cares about mine but yours are just beyond ridiculous. you claim that me, Jedi, Bruce, etc.

do nothing other than cause problems for people on this site yet all you do is post weird, usually irrelevant comments that end with 10 different smiley faces. I would ask you to reply but I'm sure your attention disorder wouldn't let you get past the first sentence
I hope this isn't read by a ten year old child from Ontario, Canada! :grin :grin :p
Jedi Knight Ethan
Well this site gets lots of complaints from those on welfare using foodstamps complaining that ketchup and tarter sauce is not covered as free food for them. They blame the company(Walmart, Krogers,) rather instead of the government and themeselves for sitting on their fat a$$3s and eating pork rinds while watching Family Guy.

Jedi Knight Ethan,

Dude, I wish I was a manager for Target. Yeah, that's true, depending on location is what does it for the store.

Unfortunately, I live where there is more welfare checks being given out than people actually willing to work full time. If you go to Walmart really early in the morning or really late at night and don't have to ask anyone for help, the experience should be good.

Oy vie! :eek
:eek You just can't fix s_tupid! :upset

Another thing dummy, you don't need a capital letter after you put a comma when you combine the sentences. So your correction is wrong.

"Since you have taken it upon yourself to be the English wizard professor of PissedConsumer.com, let's just see what you, prof, are pushing here and trying to pass off as your superior "intellect" and "knowledge". :p"

Bet you used the short form for professor because you cannot spell right, just like the OP needed to ask for the spelling of don't know after her used the short form.
Well, Ethan,
I have been reading a couple of different comments and chuckled when you corrected the spelling and grammar of the people responding. :upset
Since you have taken it upon yourself to be the English wizard professor of PissedConsumer.com, let's just see what you, prof, are pushing here and trying to pass off as your superior "intellect" and "knowledge". :p
"Than" is used to introduce a rejected alternative in a contrast between two alternatives, in order to state a preference.
"Then" is used to indicate a specific time in the past or future.
"Than (of course, corrected to Then) go to Target" is an imperative sentence and should end with a period.
"... why can't your mother speak for herself, ..." is a interrogative sentence that should begin in a capital letter and end with a question mark.
"... take her when it is not busy" is a declaratory sentence and should begin with a capital letter and end with a period. :p
I have met some really intelligent people in my lifetime. You, Ethan, only think you are an educated person and have the ability to correct the spelling and grammar of other people on this site.
All the intellect you possess is behind you. You are a real smart @ss!!! :p :grin :p

Bet Alexa is a manager for Target. They are both good stores and bad stores depending on your location.


I have to agree on two accounts. Walmart is a terrible store, and Target is so much better.

Even if you have to pay a few extra dollars on your purchase, at least you'll feel good about doing it in a place you're wanted. I work for Target and I can confidently say that the employees there are very nice and helpful. If there are long lines, they hit a backup button for help.

Never go to Walmart again. Stick to Target!


Than go to Target, why can't your mother speak for herself, and take her when it is not busy

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