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I went to shop at the Walmart store on Old national Hwy in College Park GA I was looking for help and I was directed to Manager Saville an african American female. I said hello to her befor asking my question, she ignored me then I said hello again she then turned to me and looked at me as if I were an insect under a microscope.

She then said I will be with you when I finished doing what I am doing. I was ok with this until a co worker of hers starting talking to her about something personnal as I stood there listening to the conversation. after she finshed talking she went back to doing what she was doing,and when she finished she turned to me with this superior attitude as if to say that I was not important to stop what she was doing to help me, but she could stop to have a personal conversation with her co-worker. I then asked that very question and she was very rude and asked if I still wanted help.

but with her bad attitude towards me I declined and she became very sarcastic and fine have a nice day. This is not the way customer should be treated and poor customer service have been the cause of even large companies like Walmart to fail. And don't think that it can't happen even Black people get sick and tired and being treated like second class citizens especially by the help at Walmart. This continue to happen because the complaint department don't take don't take our complaints serious enough.

I would like to see these kind of Managers and clerks disciplined. So that they will learn not to be rude to the customers.

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Saville has a boss too. Attitudes change dramatically when you ask her directly to speak with her supervisor. You have some responsibility - use it.