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Walmart emplyees have harassed me constanly.They have made me feel less of a humen being and or made me to feel bad about myself.They are so rude and unhelpfull...they are arrogant just because they have a job.Ive complained to managers but they are just as worse,one ofthem made me feel like i was the problem,i called their local line due to the disrespectfullness ive felt,they were proud arrogant about it,did not apologise nor sent an email.They just dont care and to be frank middle class shopping stores american stores arenot my thing,Im european and it feels like im shopping in a plastic hole.they ought to teach them some manners and treat people with respect and be fair.the cashiers are very rude.,its not worth it,quite frankly its tacky and you pay highly for whats cheap at times.Its not worth the bad moment not worth the bad experience.dont shop at walmart.

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A cashier is only gonna treat you the way you treat them in the first 2seconds of your check out time!

Sounds like you have a low self esteem.

Your more than welcome to shop elsewhere!

Yes, walmart associates can be rude, go work there for one week see if you last a day.

They can't always be happy!


Everytime I walk into Wal Mart its easy to sense that every employee that works there is pissed off, a blind man can see nobody wants to work there! I am the ONLY customer standing at the deli and the employees pretend they don't see me!

I ask another employee with help on buying a microwave and she said that wasn't her department so she will get someone for me.

If that wasn't HER department what was she doing there? The checkouts have 20 lanes and 2 are open so I have to wait forever to checkout!.


When you are old enough to work you will realize that you only know about the things in your area. When you get older you will also know to ask for help and not need mommy to do it for you.