Tallassee, Alabama

I was shopping recently in the Walmart, located in Taqllassee, AL. I asked a young man a question he was rude, and I myself would not have such a person working in my employe.

He is lucky that I am not his supervisor, because of the way he treated me and twe spoto other customers, he would of been fired on the spot. Beware do not go there and run into this rude young man.

He is slender build, red hair, and I believe his name was David. I would hate to see how he treats his family and friends..

  • Walmart rude employee
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"david" maybe rude to you and others. these employees are paid the lowest of low wages around they are also treated as the lowest of low by management.

these very workers are often at the food banks getting free food they are also getting food stamps and on medicaid.

it is a sad state for these employees and it is reflective in the way they treat others.


So how was he rude? Not mch of a complaint. Can't just take your word for it.