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Dont go to the Wal Mart on Albert Pike Road in Hot Springs if you want to be treated like a Human being or if you expect any courtisy at all. My wife and I went to the store and buying groceries the lanes were all full.

If you got more than 20 items, dont dare ask a cashier in a express lane to check you out even if all they are doing is talking about the hairdoo or what color they are going to put in their hair. They would rather do that than help the customers out by offering to check out some one with OMG more than the selected number of items listed on the post. Lest we forget no one else in line at all and no one comming up to be checked out. I guess we need to pay the clearks for doing nothing and not customer service.

If I ran my business like that I would be out of business.

I called the Manager and got no help or resolution at all...called bentonville ( at least they were polite ).

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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #40285

Actually you would run out of business long before you ran it like they did. I can't believe you own a business with your misspellings and such that even a sixth grader can spell.

You use capital leters where you should not, and leave capital's out where you should put them. You misspell words.

what kind of business do you own. I want to avoid it because if you can't even write a proper letter you probably don't take care of your customers either.

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