I ordered pictures and after the fact when its all done and placed a big order the representative dint tell me that ya had to pay for the pictures that day. Dana wasn't clear on anything in handling sales.

She was rattleheaded and made no since. . So i ordered a smaller pkg casted $139.00 but at least i got the disk and now waiting on my pictures to come in.Dana said approx 20 to 30 days. Is this true?

Please call me to give me a approximately when i can expect them to be delivered. I cant believe anything that Dana told me. When i got my disk it was crashed and i was not a happy lady.

That's a lot of money to just scratch and ruin on customers. Call me @ 1-608-449-2467 thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Sales Representative.

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She also said the package that she ordered casted, instead of cost. People seem to expect professionalism from non-professional people.

The photographers in those photo studios in stores aren't professional photographers.

If you want professional treatment go to a real photographer. My grandaughter worked in one of these places when she was barely 18.


She made no "since"? That makes no sense.

And you deserve all the restful, uninterrupted, long-lasting sleep that's coming to you by posting your phone number to the world. Dimwit.

By the way, have you met Sunflower Seed Guy?