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Update by user Dec 16, 2016

My daugher is no longer 16 now she is 17. She was fired in September 2015 and we are fighting this.

At the time of her termination she was 16 and I was a single mom. This is no longer true as I am now remarried and she us 17.

Original review posted by user Dec 16, 2016

My daughter 16 was recently fired from Walmart. The reason was because she did not have a doctor's note when she called in sick.

You see you are allowed to four points in six months. Then after two more points they automatically fire you. The points count when you do not have doctor's note. My daughter only called in sick once when she was not sick but that was because she had a friend's birthday party to go to and she forgot to book it off.

Then she had an ear infection and the doctor gave her a note since she already had five points and one more point would mean that she would lose her job. She apparently lost the doctor's note and they fired her. She came home crying because she was very proud of her job. We went back to the doctor and explained about her losing the doctor's note.

She was charged $30 again for the doctor's note. I presented this to the manager and he told me that she was not only fired for losing the doctor's not but for allowing her friends to use her employee discount which she was signed a form saying she would not do this and if she did she would be fired. Mind you she is only 16 years old and if she signed anything I should have been there if she signed anything. The manager just does not seem to like teenagers.

Sometimes my daughter's friends come to the store while she is working and the manager told her she is not allowed to socialize while on the clock. Well technically her friends are customers. Also when one of my daughter's friends were riding inside the cart while the other was pushing it the same manager that fired my daughter told her friend to get out of the shopping cart because it was for merchandise only. What about babies then?

Besides she was not in the seat meant for babies she was in the seat that was for merchandise. Two employees have a grudge against her and reported to the management that she is talking with her friends when they come. Her friends did not come to chat, they came to shop. This means that they are customers as well.

Then after they hired my daughter they hired this other girl in her school who is a year older. My daughter and her don't get along. I don't get along with her mother. Anyways one day they were both arguing on the sales floor and the manager took them both to the office and talked to them.

He should have fired that girl on the spot since she was the one that instigated the whole thing. He told them both that they are to keep their differences aside while on the sales floor and while on break. My daughter was employed first so she should have been fired or not scheduled when she was scheduled. Anyways i wrote a review earlier on and someone has been posting as me trying to make me look ***.

They made posts such as I am only fighting for my daughter because of guilt. Because I drank while pregnant with her and it caused developmental delays and birth defects. This is not true. I am fighting for her because I am a parent and that is what parents do.

I was bashed for standing up for my daughter. I was told I was treating my daughter like she is in kindergarden and to back off. As a parent I will not do this. I am not defending her because of guilt.

I am defending her because she is my daughter and that is what a parent does. Another lie that someone else posted against me by pretending to be e is that they claimed another reason that I am defending my daughter is because I got drunk and beat her when she was a child and she was put into a foster home. This never happened. CPS was never involved in my life.

My lawyer advised me to remove my original review and to not post on this site. I first thought that someone was got into my account. Then I realized that when you post under anonymous you can post under any username. That is how the person was pretending to be me.

Notice all my posts are in blue font and can be clicked. The person pretending to be me their posts are under black font and you cannot click on their username.

So if any posts are in black font they are from the person pretending to be me. Blue font means posts are from me.

Reason of review: employee treatment.

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First off, in most states, employment is at-will. I used to work at Walmart.

I believe it states that your employment is "at-will." That means Walmart can terminate your employment for any reason it sees fit or for no reason at all. As long as it is not for an illegal reason like unlawful discrimination. So that's that.

And they are right.

You are not allowed to socialize on the clock. You still get pointed if you have a doctor's note. It sucks, I know. Normally you got 1 point per 3 consecutive days that you called in as long as it was for the same reason.

After so many consecutive days then you likely would need to obtain leave, for which they need a doctor's note. Regarding your daughter's original, it's her fault she lost it.

Also, before they fired you for attendance, they would normally give you progressive disciplinary action. You would get a Verbal Coaching, Written Coaching, and Final Coaching.

THen you get terminated. But then again, there's that little phrase called "Employment At Will."

As far as the discount card goes, she was explained the rules. They make it known in orientation that you are not to let your friends use it.

If you are caught doing so then you are automatically fired. So you're screwed.


The only way they remove reviews is by court order or if you have the $ to pay to have it removed. The person who impersonated you is a known troll here who has multiple accounts, his most infamous one being KevinRichards.

He probably has about 50 accounts total (so far), one of which he just used an hour ago to make insulting remarks towards you, yes I am talking about "MakeMyday2016". When he isn't using one of his many registered accounts, he posts as the letter writer, making all sorts of libelous remarks.

My fingers are crossed he will one day anger the wrong person (right person!), someone with extremely deep pockets who will make it their goal in life to sue the pants off him for libel...not that I imagine he has much, lol! I know if I had the time and the money, I would have have ripped his world apart in a court of law a long time ago.


i know who you are you were called out on one of your reviews, you do not like how I called you out and you are claiming I impersonated her which is not true. Grow up, you have no proof that I am your boyfriend Kevin Richards, or that I impersonated her and have multiple accounts. If you had mommy or daddy help you with sounding out all the big words you would know this.


Actually someone needs to fire all the people running the site and or shut the site down as it allows harassment and impersonation on the site. Unfortunately these people being impersonated cannot sue Kevin for libel unless it causes trouble for them.

For example if he pretended to be the OP and claimed he was stealing from a company or doing something against the company policy and got fired for it they can sue. They cannot really sue unless they have suffered from him impersonating them. While I do agree that MakeMyDay2016 is Kevin Richards again unfortunately he has not yet caused harm by his posing as others. It is a violation of TOS of this site, but we all know the moderators will not do a thing about this.

In face they will remove your post, and my post confirming that Kevin Richards is MakeMyDay2016, not allow us to post unless they approve of out posts, ban our accounts ect and allow Kevin to impersonate another person. They will ban you simply for complaining about how the site works.

They pretend to be customers claiming how pissedconsumer helped them with their issues and delete all complaints against them. This site needs to be shut down an unfortunately they cannot shut the site down unless it was doing something like committing fraud or containing child ***.


I could sue you for saying I am impersonating others. For claiming I am Kevin Richards and have multiple accounts. But with your chore money for keeping your room clean for mommy and daddy there is not way that you can hire a lawyer, even if you can you would need help with mommy and daddy since you are five years old.


I don't care about the impersonating. The courts can find out who made those posts and from where and figure out I did not make the posts.

I am more concerned about the fact that I am unable to remove the whole review. My lawyer is not helping either. I am a parent and he is refusing to disclose information to me about what my daughter told him in private. She is a minor.

He does not think he can take my case and already he has taken $$ from me. He says I am posting information on here that can be used against myself and my daughter if it is read by the wrong person. The impersonation can be ruled out in court because I did not make those posts and they can prove this. However what my lawyer is asking me to remove is my original review and posts, and I talked to him about the legal matters of whoever is impersonating me and he too told me that since it is not affecting me financially or in any way than there is nothing they can do about it.

He gave an example that if the impersonation caused people to call me on the phone and make threats then I have a case but since I am not being affected by it I do not have a case. He is refusing to represent me and my daughter unless we have the review deleted by Monday which is tomorrow. He already took so much money from us that we cannot afford to lose the case. Had I not been remarried I would not be able to afford a lawyer.

It me my new husband that is encouraging me to take the case. Her father is refusing to offer money to help because he says that my daugher has to be held accountable for her actions and if she called in sick once when she was not she is accountable for that If she fights with her coworker she is accountable.

If she talks to her friends who are customers after being told not to she is accountable for that. He is complaining I am not teaching her to be accountable and responsible for her actions.


Actually the person impersonating you is from Texas the one on your other review. I have a feeling that it is that anonymous poster who also goes by the name firstborntriplet who was banned for preying on a child online.

He is trying to hide his location but he is from Texas and so were the posts on your other letter. He does this all the time and claims I did it because I told him off on his review that he posted.

He likes to follow people from post to post and hold grudges against them if they hurt his feelings. THe truth is he has no job and lives in his parents basement.


I don't know about this website, but most of them will not let you remove previous reviews. It sounds like your lawyer is trying to run up a higher bill. It is very difficult to get satisfaction for employment lawsuits.


Well that is a shame, however my lawyer is saying that he can no longer represent us if we do not remove the review from the site. Someone is posting in black font pretending to be me which is not helping the case.

I am trying to get the people who own this site to remove those posts. One more thing. I know about lawyer client confidentiality, but does it apply to a minor.

My lawyer told me that my daughter gave him information that could be used against our case yet he refuses to tell me what my daughter told him. My daughter is under 18 do does the lawyer client confidentially apply to her?


Yes, if the daughter is the client. You are wasting money on lawyer fees.


Your daughter is not telling you the truth. Sounds to me she is not a good worker as she claims or as you make her out to be.

She sounds immature even for 16 or 17.

I was about to report this thing to the authorities because it appeared that Walmart hired a minor, but then I read more of the post. Your daughter is 17 but only acts five so they did not break any laws.