I recently bought a dehumidifier from the local Walmart and had an issue with the dehumidifier. I went to buy another one and they were out of stock at the local store.

I checked my phone to find where the nearest location that had one in stock was and it stated a Walmart ten miles away. As we left the house I figured we should verify in case they had people coming in left and right for the product as the area flooded massively. Needless to someone picked up the phone and transferred us to housewares. Apparently no one works in housewares as my wife was on hold for 10 minutes and then someone else answered like we were never holding.

We told them we needed to be transferred immediately to housewares who then told us they don't even carry dehumidifiers. The ironic part is by the time they told us this I WAS IN THEIR PARKING LOT. How long does it take to tell a consumer that you don't carry anything. Needless to say I demanded them return the one I bought and took my business to Amazon.

The employees are downright lazy or incompetent in housewares to make someone hold on that long as the store was extremely slow when I went in. I will not be shopping at Walmart anymore and have already cut up the credit card I have and sold off the gift cards.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

  • rude employee
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Somebody call a WAAAAAABULANCE!!


For someone who is old enough to have a credit card, and be married you sure handled this immaturely. It is the holiday season, you are not the only one they have to deal with, and cutting up your credit card and posting about it is immature.