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bought the computer at Walmart 2 years ago. Have a warranty Logistics for an additional 2 years purchased.

Came back twice not repair like they said. Now, its damaged. I have worked done by them previous, a new battery, cord. and repair the keyboard key.

I wanted to get the keyboard key replaced again and have the dvd door fix, because it fell off. a new battery of course, and possible get it back decently. Talk to the managers to tech at warranty logistics, Richard, for one don't remember the others quite a few people. I don't like to buy any more things from Walmart, I don't have trust in their procedures as to my laptop for repair.

They could of call when they first receive my computer and told me what they could'nt fix it for a damaged computer. Which it was not just some minor repairs could be done. Without consideration to any repairs. keyboard open, does not turn on at all, the dvd door is was not repair.

No consideration, just a bunch of bastards tearing it and telling me that I had a damaged computer non repairable.

Time will tell who's at fault for ruin computer. I am not going to pay for the damages.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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