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To Whom it may concern


Humana /Wal-mart "Stand Alone drug plan" is deceptive, misleading, and life threatening to seniors

I signed my mother up for the above plan I saw and heard advertised in December, Thinking I would be doing her a favor by adding drug coverage to her existing plan. What Humana / Walmart don't tell you is they will cancel your other Medicare HMO arraignments.

By the time I knew this the enrollment period is over so no corrective changes can be made. Leaving My 81 Year old recently widowed mother without the plan she has relyed on for many years.

Medicare says tough wait till next year to make any changes. If I was a conspiracy guy I'd say Medicare & Wal-Mart are teaming up to this to reduce seniors access to health care!

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I can understand your frustration but...In regard to Humana's discontinuing the lady's HMO (which included drug coverage) - not Humana's fault - it's the law. You can only have ONE drug coverage program.

In regard to the mail order issue... if you check plan comparison on medicare.gov, you will clearly see that for Humana (and most other plans, you will get the lowest price by using mail order pharmacies. The healthcare area is very confusing and a lot of careful reading and research is needed to make good choices.

Having been a Dir. of Admissions at a nursing home, I guess I have an advantage but I'm still reading and researching.


walMart Humana Drug plan is not misleading. If a person can read & understand it plainly states what is required and what you will pay.

We get our drugs at the local WalMart. They do not require me to sign up for mail order. I do get information in mail letting me know of any savings I could make by mail order, but the choice is mine. I was disturbed that I had a new prescription in January.

When I refilled the drug in June, the price had increased by almost $20. Since I have not met my deductible, this was for me to pay


YES! Humana Walmart-Preferred is also misleading and deceptive!

I signed up so I could get my prescriptions locally at a Walmart and now I find I must sign up for Mail Order Humana Right SourceRX (which is probably a Walmart subsidery)in order to get best prices.

So WALMART let's Humana use there name for marketing, but Walmart won't honor the best prices unless I use mail order.

WALMART you and HUMANA are tarnishing your name! I will remember this and I will tell others to BE AWARE!


Are you telling us that neither you nor your mother can read? Can you at least watch TV?

It has always been the law that you can choose ONE plan and you can do that ONCE a year. Nothing has changed. Sorry to punch holes in your conspiracy theory.

Maybe try learning to read. Or better yet, try not to look like a senile bitter old *** next time.