Seattle, Washington

Yesterday me and my 3 kids went shopping at Walmart for school supplies,clothes and groceries, etc.After longs couple hours of grabbing and making sure my shopping list was complete, we went to checkout lane. My first transaction was groceries only in which I used EBT to pay for.

Many of my groceries contain the big family packs which the cashier herself came to scan every single of the items. I had mt daughter grab another empty cart to load the bagged items as my cart was full to the top.All groceries were paid for. Next transaction was all the back to school supplies, shoes, clothes and socks. Paid almost $200 on second transaction and almost $80 for groceries.

Now before we went out the door, my son reminded me to pick up one of the pants i had ordered online along with more items shipping to my home. I myself, went and notify the door exit associate name June that I forgot to pick up my online ordered and that I will be back, but to notify her I had already paid for all the items in the cart. She looked at the receipt i had in my hand, started looking my long receipt. I don't know why she have to do that when i already told her i will be back i just needed to pick up my order that waiting for me to pick up.

I didn't say anything and waited until she was finished. By that time there are other customers standing behind me waiting just staring at me and even other customers at the check lanes were staring at me. After June was done, she said loudly and rudely "well I don't see the box of cool aids on the receipt, so you need to take the big box of coo laid and go to the the checkout lane to pay for it because you didn't pay for it, it not on the receipt!" When she talked to me she was chewing her gum and didn't make eye contact and was just pure rude.I told her politely, I just paid for everything and I came straight from the checkout lane.At that point the humiliation increased because more customers are staring at me even the people walking in stopped to watch and I was so upset! I felt discriminated and belittle because she made me feel like a criminal!

Even my kids felt so embarrassed they put their heads down because people was staring at them too. I felt so humiliated and discriminated! By the time I calmed my nerves down that I looked at my receipt and that when i notice that she was looking at the last receipt and not the first receipt with groceries on it. Remember the receipt in my hand was the last transaction i had in my hand that she looked at which was majority of school supplies, clothes, shoes, socks, etc..and 2 can item of food that I forgot to add to first transaction.

Then, I told her that I have another receipt that was for groceries that i did on the first transaction. Being so humiliated while all the other customers who look mad for me holding up the exit that I was afraid they would bad mouth me, I hurried and started digging through my purse. Once i grabbed it out and handed to her she did not eve thoroughly look at my receipt for that "cool aid" that she humiliated me regarding.She just grabbed my receipt,glanced real fast and tell me ok. Why did she targeted me?

It discrimination all around because #1-the first receipt she saw had majority of the supplies and only 2 product that was grocery and of all the foods in one cart and supplies/clothes/shoes in other cart, why did she only accuse me of not paying for the cool aid only when the receipt she was looking at didn't have all the other food item in the cart? I am Asian and I was discriminated and humiliated while shopping there by associate June. If it was so important and her job was to thoroughly look to see all items in chart matched receipt she didn't!She didn't even look at the correct receipt thoroughly for the cool aid and she never apologized to me for humiliating me and my 3 young children!I spent almost $300 at your store and $80 online and to be treated with disrespect and to be discriminated is not acceptable! I work hard for my money and as a paying customer like everyone else, a customer who was humiliated, belittle, and discriminated in front of people and my kids and to have my kids feel like I did something wrong and embarrassed because the way June was talking to me and loud tone of voice knowing there were other customers around and to continue to humiliate me...I will not let this go unspoken.

I have my rights and I know employees are to not treat other in that rude manner.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I see absolutely no discrimination anywhere in your post. I don't see any belittling in your post either.

If you are here legally then you aren't Asian anymore your an AMERICAN your heritage just happens to be of Asian decent. Know your place and behave accordingly. Learn our laws but also understanding them helps too. I don't care what color your skin is or how slanted your eyes are if you chose to reside in AMERICA then you are an American PERIOD.

You have just as much rights as any other AMERICAN does but with those rights comes a complete understanding of exactly what your rights are. One right we all have including you is the right to speak freely regardless if comes off as offensive.

Employees treating you one way or the other has NOTHING to do with what your rights are as an AMERICAN, it is simply a moral issue. Your complaint will fall on deaf ears.


That is one of the WORST Wal-marts in the world. (I know because it is in my neighborhood and I drive to another city to avoid that place)

The employees treat all customers like *** no matter the race, gender or how much money spent.

Next time you buy something, put it in your car (and lock the doors) before going through the store again.

That location has very high thief rate. Some employees get punished for letting shoplifters walk even, so door people harass everyone.


Umm, why didn't you show her both receipts to begin with? Your complaint sounds over-exaggerrated.

You mentioned being humiliated ,belittled and discriminated against several times.An attempt to receive monetary compensation perhaps? I think you were just angry that she even checked your receipts and now you are retaliating.


Being Asian doesn't mean she discriminated against you. She's probably that way with everyone and just has a sour attitude.


Correction on Location:

It happened in Fresno, CA at 3680 W Shaw Ave Walmart (Shaw&Brawey).

*apologies to the Walmart in Seattle, WA for putting wrong location