Salem, New Hampshire

I was rudely and poorly treated by Chris P. "assistant manager" of Salem NH walmart store.

I was thrown out of the store because i demanded a service while he was doing absulately nothing. When i said "both of you manager assistants helping same person" he turned quickly and gave me a dirty look and said "NO I'M NOT HELPING THE SAME PERSON, I'M HELPING SOMEBODY ELSE",with rude voice.

Then i said " you don't have to be an ***, i just need the reference catalog to look up for a headlight.he then threw me out and asked someone to call the police.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Don't blame her, blame her parents for allowing such a child to shop alone and not teaching her to wait her turn in line.


You were the rude one!

It's called "excuse me", Learn how to approach people better.


:p :sigh :x :cry :?


Walmart is a place I kinda look at as you get what you get when you walk into the place. I would not associate walmart with the highest standards, Imean they pride themselves on buying products as cheaply as they can get them regardless of where they get them, so when you go there just play the game