Atlanta, Georgia

Call 1-800-527-0566;1-800-925-6278 or 1-479-621-2900

Let Wal-mart know that when you get hurt in one of their stores, stop saying it is no negligence on the part of Wal-mart Stores,Inc. And saying it is the customer's fault to keep from paying the medical bills.

To all of my Facebook and Twitter friends your friends and their friends. Call the numbers above, let your voice be heard.

Wal-mart store # 938 in Alabama, they regret any type of accident that may occur on the premises of their stores. Pay the medical bills.

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Hold mommy's hand and you won't get hurt. If you are an adult how hard is it to walk without tripping.

I mean if you were a toddler I could understand. Why should they have to pay your medical bills just because you don't know how to watch where you were going. Bet you were talking on your cell phone while walking.

If your wife were really honest Iillie she would be admitting she was careless and not trying to get them to pay for her bills being careless. Do the people in your church know she is sinning by trying to make them pay for her not watching where she was going.


I can not believe Wall Mart . My wife went to wall mart in Clayton NC to shop for our weekly groceries.

Some one had dropped a jar of pickles on the floor in one of the isles. She did not see the jar and slipped on it injuring herself. Wall marts comment was they are allowed a certain amount of time to clean it up. So they are not liable.

My wife is now out medical bills and is still going to the doctor.

My wife is a honest church going person who only wanted her medical bills paid. THIS IS NOT RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It seems like people are quick to judge or have an opinion until something happens to them.


Or they are calling out people who are acting like children while they are lying and fabricating details. People are able to tell when people do this.


It sounds like you and your wife are scammers. Nobody should pay for your bills.


Get a lawyer.


How about be more careful.


Your wife was careless. If she is making them pay her bills because of her being careless she isn't honest.