Comstock Park, Michigan

Herman went to Walmart on alpine in Comstock Park Michigan 49321 outside of Grand Rapids Michigan to pick up a few things in walmart pharmacy and asked the assistant to allow me to ask the pharmacist a question she the farmers was waiting on a Caucasian lady in front of me so I waited after the pharmacist assistant the cacation that was in front of me I ask the assistant for the pharmacy help she I told the assistant after I explained to her what I was looking for the pharmacist said have him to just go and look anywhere that he's talking about the question I wanted her wanted to ask her it was Pacific questions but she never came to see what I wanted she pretended that she was still on the phone talking for a customer that was long gone I said to this system I wanted to ask the pharmacist question the assistant told me she's on the phone I said but the customer in lady she's got I did not get no response or reply so I said thank you and the pharmacy she kept it n she was on the phone also she turned her head and hit behind a computer as if though I didn't say anything to her that she wasn't paying me no attention I felt like that I was treated unfairly she made it clear that she did not want to have anything to do with me she didn't want to help me at all I know walmart has a reputation but I have looked into this issue and have retained an attorney so if Walmart get off doesn't care about good customers here in this area anywhere you gotta find out that people are not *** and I'm not going to allow you to have people that have problem with color so I'm just sayin if you can't run a business like a business should be red then some more later the end is near so I asked that you look into this because this is not fair when you treat one color better than you do the other I'm a disable black man and I've always thought Walmart was a good store to shop but I guess not thank you helpalso this is early in the morning when this happened this is like 8:30 in the morning who in the world wakes up with hate early in the morningthe date of the incident is 3 -26 -2014 8:30 in the morning

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pharmacist.

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Maybe you should go back to school, stop playing on the internet...someone must be really but hurt at Walmart to troll this long and keep making up


Your "review" was


How do you know she wasn't on the phone and working on the computer? Sounds like you are just assuming. (If you could hear the other person on the line before, then THAT would've been wrong due to potential privacy violations!)


What did you say? Please type a coherent review.

Also, utilize punctuation.

It's not that difficult.



I didn't understand the complaint .

First Born Triplet

I think I understand the complaint, basically they think they were racially profiled and they want to take legal action.


this review makes no sense lmao


This review has made me dizzy.


Good grief... What a mess...

Some people just should be allowed on the internet...ever.. This is one of them!


Should NOT be allowed on the internet... This guy made me ***!


Lame excuse,you are always a complete F...k up.


I gave up reading about half way through - speaking and writing with correct grammar are lost on most people these days

First Born Triplet

I think like the other anonymous is saying is that this person got poor treatment, and was ignored and is blaming their race on it. Don't know fake mired probably means she pretended to admire the store.

@First Born Triplet

I fake mire women all the time just to get laid. The best way to turn them on is to say, you seemed to have a lost a lot of weight, or how can someone who works in an ice cream parlor keep such a good figure.

First Born Triplet

Wasn't that a quote on the Simpsons? Only Bart used it to get more ice cream instead of getting "some"


You know using periods to end sentences would make this review a lot easier to read and understand. It is not about treating you badly because you are black, it is about not understanding what you have to say because your English is poor.