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In my city the only place to get your shopping done is at Walmart. Why? Because the traditional grocery store charge almost $6 for a gallon of milk. Anyway every I make my list and go to Walmart, sounds easy right? When you get there its seems like half the city is there too. OK. So once you parked a mile away and get into the store its now a mad dash to go up and down the aisles fighting huge crowds. Every time I go no matter what time of day, the shelves are never fully stalked. What a surprise.

I know that employees are limited to what they can get done in a day. So I don't blame it on them, but I do blame the company for the way the stores are always understaffed. This always means that I have to drive to another Walmart to complete my shopping and walk another mile through the parking lot, fight huge crowds, and stand in line for over 10 minutes to check out. There is nothing more frustrating than watching the cashier taking their time to check out the customers.

Before anyone says anything I used to be a cashier there and know how long it should take to complete a transaction. So not only are the stores never in stalk the cashiers are slooooooow. I try to avoid Walmart if I can, but well it is a cheap place to shop in my city and the many thousand of people who shop there know it too.

Now I do all my shopping in the middle of the night when I can, to avoid the crowds and know that the night shift has filled the shelves. I guess no store is perfect. I know only too well what employees have to deal with.

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My walmart is always packed,always understaffed with employees who are slow and don't know how to do anything. To top that off they are always out of something I need.

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I am a cashier at walmart and for the most part I do agree with you. I work second shift and I transfered to the store I'm at now a few months ago. I worked in photo,electronics and wireless at the other store. I miss my old job so much.

Being a cashier is a little boring and on top of that we seem ro deal with all the rude customers. I try to be as friendly as possible but regardless of how nice I am the customers still seem to blame me for everything that is wrong with the store. Yeah some of the cashiers are a little slow they are also old, or atleast in my store. All of the young cashiers are actually fast

I'm just curious as to why people keep shopping there if they are truly fed up with the customer service. My Grandmother hates walmart simply because the store is so big. So she goes shopping about once a week at kroger and the dollar store to get what she needs.

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