Springdale, Arkansas
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I am sick of getting my driver's license asked for when I do debit or check, I am sick of being watched like a hawk by employees, I am sick of being told to move my car, I am tired of being lied to, I am sick of the deli people always assuming that I want fried chicken. I am sick and tired of it ALL!

White people have caused nothing but pain and anguish for my people for too long.

I think it is time to start with Wal-Mart. The company created by a racist and ran by racists.

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The race card is getting very old...white people that have done nothing but stand up for blacks are getting very annoyied...don't make your selves a small group that people *** off due to being ignorent...remember it was a white man that stopped slave trade...Abraham Lincoln..to be exact...so talk now.


How dare they make you follow the same procedures that everyone else has to!! I mean what is this world coming to???


Actually... it is hard to find an employee at the Irving WalMart who speaks English... so your angst should likely be directed towards the hispanic folks who, for the large part, run the store....


So...then don't go there anymore!!! ***


Oh, calm down and have a piece of fried chicken. (It's actually pretty good, as far as store bought fried chicken goes.) And honey, you really seem sick and/or tired by all that you said.

If you're that sick and tired, just get in bed and sleep. You'll feel better. If not, it may be time to call the doctor. Chicken soup may help with that sick and tired feeling.....chicken soup is good for the soul.

And finally, if WalMart was created by a racist and is run by racists, why would you even go there to spend your hard-earned money?

No one is holding a gun to our heads and making us go to WalMart, honey.

That actually shows very poor judgement on your part to keep going back to a racist place. As my friends say, "Gurl, what is wrong with you?"bugzC


Us "Honkies" today... aren't the ones who was hanging the blacks ages ago.

Get over it already. Your ancestors have made a way for you.. Ab Lincoln made a way for you Um let's see..

wasn't he WHITE??? DUH


I agree!


Social constructs are real.

Hatred is real.

Ignorance is real.

All the rest really doesn't matter.


Race is a social construct.

1.If you make assumptions about one race, don't expect to not have assumptions made about your own.

2. If we all choose to look at the facts, and realize we all came from the same *** place and it doesn't matter what ever the *** our skin color is.

I realize that both 1 and 2 contradict each other, but this is in response to more than one person.

And go ahead and sue the for racism. Really? You are going base your argument on you think they only offer you fried chicken? I used to work in a deli at a walmart and all walks of life would get friend chicken, I would offer it to little old black ladies and white ladies alike, if it was good they liked it. What the *** is wrong with comfort food?

Don't give me wrong, I do believe racism is alive and well. And I do believe in a little thing called white privilege still existing, which is awful. But your argument is just completely ridiculous. Are you going to sue them for doing their job? Wow.



Yielding to ignorance isn't nice.

It's exacerbating ignorance. :zzz


"My name is Denise Waters, foo!"

You mean Denise Lea Waters.


did I ask your name? I highly doubt you or MsLea has posted their real name, whether you're the same person or just two fake *** from the same town.


Totally sick of people crying the "race card"-

Actually, with all of the politcally correct

*** that you people have been given over the decades- it's the "whites" that are discriminated against so that "quotas" can be

meant- it's the "whites" that have lost their rignt to freedom of speech. It's time that you all stop whining- I am tired of all of the cry babies out there. :cry :cry :cry


My name is Denise Waters, foo!


I'm not surprised to see blackmslea here


AS MUCH AS PEOPLE ARE stealing these days they better ask for ID when i present my check and credit card!!


You honkies started all this *** with us first, foo.


Can we all be nice to each other :sigh.


wow,here in Las Vegas,we have mostley black people working at Wallmart,who would probably be very offended by you ignorant racist comments.My black friends cant stand black people like "blackdontcrack".


Um... If you were in a handicapped spot they can tow your car as soon as you put it in park.

Secondly... if you always get fried chicken, and they remember that, where I work that is considered knowing your customers and excellent service. Would you get mad at the "honkeys" if they remembered that you like to get honey ham...?

And lastly, if you stick things in your purse... HOW THEY *** ARE THE EMPLOYEES NOT SUPPOSED TO SAY SOMETHING. If you forget a shopping cart take your lazy *** to go get a basket.

If everyone was allowed to carry things in their purse, it would be required that the cashiers check bags as you went through the chec-out. And I'm sure you would consider that racism too.

Quit being a troll.