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Stop sending out products that you know are badd .. you were sending out moldy mattresses too many customers who have to live to the same nightmare I am living with and I still am paying interest and a payment on a moldy bed I don't have.

I am sure other people have gotten sick, like my family has. Walmart news to be held accountable for. Don't be stingy to hire enough people to watch over your warehouse deliveries. I think you need to be put in check.

You are a very nice company out all especially to your employees. Shame on you !

Original review posted by user Jan 16, 2020

I have had a long-drawn-out online nightmare with Walmart. Everything about all of it was horrible I missed work I got sick from my bed being sent to me moldy, that Walmart knew about and was still allowing it to be shipped out to the customers.

I couldn't get anyone to pick up the bed I couldn't take it to any Walmart they did not want it.

I had to wrap it up in a cardboard Box..Shrink wrap it... which I couldn't do! It was almost impossible where I live. I live in an apartment now.

I relocated from Arkansas as a matter of fact from Rogers close to Bentonville Ar. The bed sat in my house for quite a while we wrapped it in plastic because it was so toxic and put duct tape around it, I finally begged a lady from Walmart to take the bed from us from the back of the Walmart here in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I go to pay my credit card bill for online purchases, and they tell me the bed never existed you have no credit coming to you. The nightmare continues!

Now I have a charge on my card with interest with nothing to show for it. I did make a complaint but I don't think much will be done about it as I have been fighting with them since September 2019. I have emails to prove I went too corporate to complain and that 1 of the customer service complaint people Chris, tried to help me and even he could not get it done for me. I called every Walmart in my location begging them to please take my bed because I had no where to take it to and they were telling me I have to bring it back to get credit for it and my money back.

The lady took it in at Walmart and said they already gave me credit for it off my bill but it's not reflecting in the final bill and what I owe them that they say.

I have been sick since I had to breathe the moldy bed and I have BEEN having a hard time even Breathing, actually think I got pneumonia from it or even pleurisy. I have felt sick since then.. I was not going to make a big deal out of it and try to get healthier and better but after them saying I still owe the money on something that made me sick, where I've missed work the days they said the deliveries would come they didn't, So I missed a week and 3 days of work.

And where I moved in people will steal your stuff. I didn't know that.

I had my Highlander Toyota stolen from me 3 days after I moved in to this complex. So I could not put the bed outside for at least 3 weeks plus because I was afraid someone would steal it and I would not get my money back for a moldy bed and I was already out $450 for a credit return on my credit card. It has been a very stressful experience on top of every day stressful stuff and I don't feel well, and I am trying to fight off being sick and I don't believe that they are going to give me any credit for it and I'm going to have to continue to talk to one person after another I'm going to have to do the legwork and send in the paperwork and prove my case. I want to Sue Walmart..because I want to Sue them for principle I want to Sue them for the poor workers and how they are treated.

I want to Sue Walmart .. make a huge difference..if I can! I wish people didn't buy products from Walmart. They are a stingy greedy ruthless part of the controllers ..

Corporations need to be shut down or follow rules things need to be changed. I as a consumer and a human being have had my rights violated just through Walmart and my experiences. Today people are a greedy, liars, they will steal from you! it's dog eat Dog.

There's no caring about your product, caring about people, caring about the animals or even to have respect for your own self. And all the poor people that are forced to take jobs, have to do the calling of such a big corporation who only is driven for power and money, control.

I live by principles, morals, I want to Sue Walmart over principles and morals and how they treat their workers and their customers. You let me know what you can do for me because I'm ready to start rolling down and making some changes I for one think people need to start standing up, and we need to demand respect, fair treatment and equality for all human beings.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Pros: Workers.

Walmart Cons: All of it was bad.

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Try FTC.GOV and go to their consumer complaint page and fill out the form and send it to them. Nobody at Walmart store or corporate answered my several emails, chat support, multiple calls to two separate support phone numbers.

Phones rang for 15 minutes each. then automatically hang up. I got a response from the FTC telling me they were going to investigate my complaint. I never heard from them since but Walmart took good care of my issue.

You may not have a case but it's worth a shot.. Forget Walmart.

They are the biggest retailer in the world and last year earned a net income of $40 billion dollars. You mean nothing to them


You better have solid proof they knew the mattresses were moldy when they were shipped or your case is dead in the water. Also they cannot take the mattress back at the store as it is a health violation.


I agree with you 100%. I think that you deserve to be awarded one million dollars in damages and for your pain and suffering. Good Luck!

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