Toronto, Ontario
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I bought Roses from Walmart in Toronto for Mother's day for $12

and within 3 days all the roses died! What garbage they sell at Walmart.

I bought Pyjama set for my 15 year old (men small) and within the first week the crotch unravelled and there was a huge hole there.

He barely wore it and it was garbage! I am really pissed off at the products that Walmart is selling.I am really upset that I keep spending a lot of money and the product is garbage. Roses should have lasted at least 1 week to two weeks not 3 days. The pyjama should have lasted at least 6 months not 1 week!

Product or Service Mentioned: Roses Flowers.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Walmart Cons: I did not like that the product did not last more that 3 days.

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Listen when u have plants or flowers in your house it is your responsibility to water them. The store employees water the plants/flowers at work.

They don't go to people homes and tend the plants. You must be ***.


I am not saying they should water them at my house. What I am saying is if they properly watered them in the store I would not need to water them at home.


Just because an employee waters flowers or plants at the store does not mean that the customer does not have to do this.