Los Angeles, California

I went to a local Walmart store to cash a check given to me by the management of the apartment I moved out of. I sort of had the feeling they wouldn't cash it for some reason and it ended up being that way.

They just gave me a little paper with a *** number to call which is not even a real person when you call,just some automated ***. I will just have to call my bank which is in California. I am now in Arizona and they don't have any Rabobank here. Perhaps they can send me a deposit slip and I can mail them the chaeck by registered mail.

All this I have to go through just because Walmart would not honor my check.

I am definitely mad at that bank they use called Certigy and also Walmart. Shame on them both!!!!!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Ever thought about opening up a bank account perhaps?


They wouldn't cash your check because YOU or the check issuer has an outstanding bounced check in their system. Certigy is the company that verifies checks and checking history within Walmart's system.


Yes. The little paper the associate gave you is a number you need to call.

I understand your frustration but you must understand that the associate did nothing wrong. He/she was just trying to help you out. Sometimes it has you call that number because 1) you went over your cashing limit.

&& 2) they stop checks they find suspicious. Nothing against you,but the person who issued you your check.


There are all kinds of businesses that operated strictly for cashing checks or payday loans. Why didn't you go to one of them or to any bank. The way I understand Certigy is that they refuse checks that arouse suspicion in their system.


Banks cash checks. Walmart is not a bank.


It is obvious that this person is not that bright. They already knew before hand that the check would not be cashed. They had their doubts but went anyway to cash in their checks.