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I have shopped the Neighborhood Walmart since I moved down here 4 years ago.

I am in my middle 60's and I am still working when I get off of work why would I want to go to work at Walmart for free while you take my money.

I spend about 250 to 300 a week on groceries and I am not going to ring up my own groceries and bag them .

Why is Walmart being so greedy . They are one of the riches people in the world and now they think we are so stupid that we will work for nothing.

I know if they check the sales at their Neighborhood Walmart on Anderson Snow in Spring Hill FL. DON"T they have to of dropped in sales because I can't be the only person to know you are ripping people off.

We do have alot of other options around us but I feel sorry for the people that don't have a choose.



Preferred solution: Don't be doing away with the cashiers. .

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They have self checkout because most customers demand it.


How lazy can you get? If you go to a line with a cashier you have to take your groceries out of the cart, put them on the conveyor, wait for a cashier to ring them up and bag them so you can put them back in your cart.

At a self checkout you take your product out of the cart and pass it over a scanner and into a bag. How much more work is that than putting them on the conveyor. In exchange you are getting a lower price than you would pay in a store with cashiers.

If the thought of scanning your own groceries is too much for you, feel free to go to a full service store and pay more. No one is forcing you to shop at Walmart.


Check your prices they didn't lower them. I never said they were forcing me to shop there.

You must only buy a few items and not much produce.2nd you obviously don't care about people losing their jobs so you can work for nothing.

I don't care if you think I am lazy because I am a very hard worker and don't want to work for nothing. Thank you for your comment .


After reading this .. Your doctor should lower your medication.

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